For all of us it is a difficult moment when our partner decides to leave us for someone else, but it is even worse if they leave us for someone younger. At least in the case of women. Sometimes we can even think that they changed us for a better and younger model, which can heavily affect our self-esteem. We can also have feelings of envy, where we feel that deep down, our life, our marriage, our house, etc. were stolen from us. If at any time you thought that you could get rid of these calamities by marrying someone older, we recommend that you continue reading this article where we expose a lot of relevant information regarding what could be concluded from the operation of the variables of age and how this can affect relationships.

Currently, according to the contributions that science has made to this subject, taboos in love have ceased to exist, since now the age limits do not represent any obstacle for couples. In fact, today, there are more and more relationships where he or she is older than his partner, this shows that social prejudices are finally being left behind. And furthermore, that the couple would be chosen for other reasons, not only because of their proximity in age.

At the level of society, there are still doubts that these relationships can work properly or that love like this can be lasting. The thought that the difference in age is a factor that allows us to predict a catastrophic future in couples still persists and is dominant. As at the moment, it may just be a social construction, we decided to go and investigate what science says about it. In the journal ‘Journal of Population Economics’, a study by the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) was published, where Terra McKinnish, the author of this, points out the following:

As for the conditions under which the study was conducted, it analyzed 7,682 Australian households with 19,914 volunteers, who had been married for 13 years.

Next, we present the information that we were able to collect from this study, regarding how age influences the relationship.

As you may have already guessed, this study confirmed that couples who have a large age difference can feel great satisfaction in the short term, but in the long term, it is a happiness that fades. In other words, according to this study, this type of couple would have a tendency not to be able to last a long time.

After carrying out all the necessary analysis, they concluded that one of the reasons for the marital unhappiness that these couples could experience could be explained by their age difference. Among the information that they were able to rescue regarding how couples behave in the face of a financial crisis, it seems that this would be an important factor and that it could affect the stability of the couple. The results suggested that age-gap couples are less resilient in the face of economic hardship. And apparently, they were not able to maintain the relationship. Unlike couples of similar ages, who were able to realize that despite financial difficulties, they could still maintain a good relationship.

Another interesting information that we can retrieve from this research is that couples with an older age in the relationship tend to experience more pleasure in bed, without the need to be legally committed.

Also this study was able to conclude that men feel more satisfied when they are married to younger wives and that they would feel less satisfied when their wives are older.

Likewise, women are also particularly dissatisfied when they are married to older husbands and conversely, when they are married to younger husbands they are more satisfied.

In other words, from the perspective of this study, both men and women might find it convenient to be with a partner who is younger than them. Since according to this study, they would have a greater probability of feeling satisfied. All this could make us think that it is better to have a relationship with a notable age difference, however, according to the results of this study, most of these relationships vanish after 6 to 10 years of age. commitment. It should be noted that as a result of these findings, it was possible to conclude that over time, people who have little age difference in their relationship did not have such a noticeable decrease in happiness, as people who were married to a younger spouse. or more adult. Which leads us to affirm the idea that we had from the beginning,

As for the factors that can affect couple relationships, when there is an age difference, we find that financial crises or job losses can be obstacles that are difficult enough to overcome, which can cause love in the couple to be extinguished. .

On the contrary, when the couple are of similar ages, then the relationship usually has the same rhythm, and it happens that in the face of economic problems, they can even become stronger and unite more, since their love and their priorities are in total synchrony.

In summary, if you are in a relationship where the ages are similar, then according to this study, as a couple you could have a better prognosis and duration.

If you are in a couple where there is an age difference, you should be careful with financial crises and take into account that the person in the couple who is older probably feels more satisfied than the person who is younger in age. age. Despite all the above, each couple is a world, so do not let yourself be defined by this and take care of defining what your relationship will be like.

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