Has it happened to you that when you look at your feet, you notice a considerable difference between your second toe and the other toes? If this is not the case, we congratulate you, since it is most likely that you have a healthy foot in relation to the anatomical, which very possibly will not cause you any problem that affects your health.

If, on the other hand, you can see that your second toe is longer or larger than all the others, then it means that it is very likely that you have the well-known “Greek foot”. If you are interested in the subject or perhaps you suffer as a result of having “the Greek foot”, we invite you to continue reading this interesting article.

What do we know about the “Greek foot”?

In general, it is not such a well-known condition, that is why it is normal for you to think that you had no idea of ​​its existence until you read it in this article. As a result of the above, we decided to expose a little information regarding this condition, so that more people know what it means to have this particularity in the anatomy of the foot, to be able to inform about the care that we have to have and its possible consequences.

The first thing we want to tell you is that this trait is usually associated with 3 positive characteristics: strength, sexual attractiveness and intelligence. Although in some cases this may not be entirely true.

Another important point is that the condition of the anatomy of people who have “Greek foot” requires certain care. Which are relevant, since if they are not put into practice, it is most likely that the person may suffer from serious pain or inflammation in the feet.

Why does this happen?

Most people have a correct weight distribution when walking, this is because all the toes are the size they should be and also the foot in general, anatomically it is within the appropriate measurements for each person.

However, when your second toe is longer or you have “the Greek foot”, then the weight does not fall correctly distributed and that is what can make your feet feel resentful, as a result of the weight ending up falling only on certain parts of the foot, which over time become more sensitive.

How to avoid it?

One of the ways to avoid this is by using the correct footwear, that is, it has to be wide and very comfortable. In general, it is recommended that you worry that the shoes do not put pressure on your toes, in this way you can avoid the annoying inflammation and pain caused by the fact that the shoes scratch or squeeze some part of the foot. One technique often used by shoe sellers is to see if you can fit a whole toe in your shoe. That is supposed to be the extent to which you should have leftover footwear. If you have less left, it means you have to continue with the next number.

If, on the other hand, you have difficulty in relieving pain or inflammation, then it is essential that you visit an orthopedist with the aim of diagnosing you, if you have a severe enough condition and also, he can tell you which are the best treatment options for your case. Some frequent options are: the use of insoles or a special shoe. It should be noted that the treatment measures serve to improve the symptoms that the “Greek foot” can produce, but in no case could your finger be operated on, since it is often solvable from the treatments already indicated. If you have doubts about what is causing your discomfort, what you should do is go to a doctor who will refer you to the appropriate professional. Because even if you have this pathology, It is always good to consult with a specialist who will guide you in your treatment, so that you can have the results you expect. It may also happen that you think that your discomfort could have to do with other parts of your body, for example your back, legs, etc. In that case it is even more important that you go to a doctor who diagnoses you and gives you the most effective treatment for your case.

Now that you know that you may have Greek foot or if you suspect it, we recommend that you go to a specialist so that you can find out if that is indeed what is bothering you or if the pain may be the product of other conditions. of your body. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. While you’re in pain, it’s best to choose your shoes wisely and take care of your feet. Try not to spend more time than usual on your feet and try to avoid activities that require you to stand for a high number of hours per day.

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