If living is about building a little every day, the foundation on which we forge our own well-being, in which even being immersed in a society that requires us, where we are social beings, we must imperatively begin by feeling good, cleaning our own home, that place from which we are what we show the world. “Loving yourself is perhaps the most important fact that guarantees survival in a complex world.” Walter Rioso. Indeed, if you are not your priority you will not be able to offer the best of yourself to others. It is useless, then, to do everything so that others approve of what we are, to be there when they need us, to be as others would like, if we, deep down inside, do not feel complete or satisfied beings. Before donating yourself to those around you, make a stop along the way, stop the engines and think about how you feel about yourself and if you are satisfied with the person you are and with what others see of you. If you are not, start by learning to value yourself, respect yourself and love yourself as you are.

Learn to find yourself

Finding and recognizing that person we are, valuing and respecting ourselves as we are is part of that self-esteem that we all must feel and keep standing even in the worst moments. The absence of self-esteem makes us insecure and there when we doubt what we are capable of achieving and try to live pleasing others, we forget the great detail that, alone, in front of our mirror, that reflection we see is not the that makes us happy, nor are we satisfied with that image that we build for others. When we enter that game, insecurity overcomes us in such a way that we do not believe that we are capable of achieving what we dream of, we look for all the excuses not to do what we really want, we distrust our ability. The worst usually happens when you think that others are always better than us. Faced with this dark panorama in which we paint the world in the most gloomy tones, it is difficult for us to find the way back to that reality that we do not want to assume: being ourselves and loving ourselves as we are. That is the moment when you need to do an introspection and understand that you are the one who sabotages your projects, your dreams, your life and that you need to turn your life around and “fix the house to suit you”.

You only love yourself

The ghost of guilt will hit your window while you try to channel your life and your way of perceiving the world. You will try to find yourself in that universe in which you live, not the person that your friends, your family and even the people you don’t like, see, who you will start looking for will be yourself, that unmistakable reflection of you , so congruent with who you really are and want to be. Nothing will be more rewarding for you, during this experience, than loving yourself, although without more, that also implies distancing yourself from certain people who will not understand your change and perhaps you find yourself alone in this process. In any case, this will be your best option. Many times, loneliness is not exactly a synonym of being unwell, but rather, it is a time that we need for ourselves, to carry out processes,

Learning to love yourself involves perhaps tripping over a part of your personality that you never gave yourself the opportunity to know. You should spend some time listening to your heart, observing your needs, analyzing your priorities, your goals and your dreams. You will discover that if you give yourself the opportunity you can be able to get where you want if you decide to fight for what you want, but for that you must be you, your priority, always love yourself enough.

never look back

Once you have opened the door that leads to your inner world, do not close it, much less go back on your steps. Always look ahead. It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble if that’s not falling, and if you fall, you’ll get up again and keep going. Do not let anything stop you. Be yourself, that is your only genuine weapon in any circumstance of life.

Nobody said it was easy. It is a process that has its avatars, because you will be who you are, who you want to be, no matter what they say and although you will always be there for others, it will not be so that they demand what you cannot give them, but to share the best of you and You will expect from them the reciprocity of your delivery.

The currency of exchange will have other conditions both for you and for them, but being who you are and respecting yourself as you are in any proposal of life, will be the bricks that build your happiness, that being at peace with yourself that is priceless.

You will see how to get away from situations and people that do not contribute to your life will allow you to find your own space and feel better about yourself. They say that there is no other way in life to win someone’s love, but we start by loving, first, ourselves.

Learning to love and trust you will always be the best way to get where you want to be.

“If you totally believe in yourself, there will be nothing that is out of your possibilities.” Wayne Dyer.

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