If you find yourself involved in an embarrassing scenario and you are in the position of being his optional consolation, we will indicate what you must do to tell him that you obviously do not intend to be a second option. Being the second table dish represents that when you are dating someone and you notice that you are not their main option and the person with whom you share has more possibilities to go out to the disco, to dinner or is also an applicant to be their partner.

Well, you become his optional consolation, when your crush prefers the other person for a serious relationship and your relationship with that person does not prosper.

Of course, if the person who is courting you excludes you at the last minute and calls you to tell you that he can no longer date you, you become a second option. They also get used to not answering your texts.

If you organize an event and call it, you become a second option. If he does not make you known in front of his friends, or with his family, or at a very important celebration, he implies that he does not want to legalize the relationship with you and possesses you only for his own benefit.


What you must do to tell him that obviously you are not a second option for anyone, is to desist from sending him text messages, if he takes time to do so, you have to take much longer to respond. If you intend to prevent yourself from being “a second option” and become the main option in his life, you must give yourself to love, do not stay there every time he calls you, grant your distance for a while, provide him with the possibility of missing you, if he really cares about you That person will still be there for you.

People who are a second option are requested by the suitor when the other person has problems with their priority partner, therefore, you must make sure that the person with whom you want to establish yourself does not have responsibilities with another person, since possibly their relationship is not so easy to finish, it is preferable that you get a person without commitment and that it be just for you.

If he is only looking for you to have sex you must reject him, if you intend to stop being his optional consolation, you must remember that men love women who say NO in the same way.

Give up always being at his disposal to do everything he asks of you, if you live alert and prepared to fill in the gaps in his life because you will never be his priority, you must bear in mind that if you are the second option it is because you consented. Vindicate yourself, if you want to give up being a second option or the second table dish, what you have to do is make it clear that you are not a doll that they play with when it provokes them, you are not a craving for anyone, you have to be the main dish, or better yet, you have to be the best dessert.

Life is only one and there is no reason to waste it for someone who is not worth it. People are transitory, they come and go; do not be infatuated with the wrong one, do not promise him anything. Don’t get stuck waiting for a first place where they won’t give it to you. Do yourself a favor and learn to let go of what is not good for you.

Respect yourself and love yourself a lot, do not settle for little of what you really want for yourself, that they love you as you deserve, complete and above all that they make you progress as a person and as a woman, no less than that. Don’t waste time with someone, they can’t show you off or introduce you to their friends, get away on time and don’t sacrifice your existence and your dignity.

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