Genetics is just a branch of biology, it leads us to understand ourselves as human beings. Study the inheritance that is transmitted between beings of the same species. Heredity is a process in which parents pass certain genes to their children. Each child or offspring inherits genes from both biological parents, and these genes manifest in specific characteristics. As can be the physical, for example, the color of hair, eyes and skin.

Next, we present some images that will show you the strength of genes.

1- Three generations and an impressive physical resemblance.

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This photograph consists of three generations of women: grandmother, mother and daughter. We can find extreme similarity in hair, eyebrows, eyes, and lips. It is evident that they also inherited the grace for photographs. It is indisputable that the favorite color of these women is black.

2- Twin men married to two twins. Their identical children.

This is an almost unbelievable story: two twin brothers married two twin sisters and both couples had twins: two girls and two boys. You can see incredible physical resemblance between the children of both couples. A very unique case. I hope the children are not confused with parents.

3- 14-year-old adolescent holding the photo of his mother.

OMG, me at the age of seventeen and my daughter at the age of fourteen @klara_gaddnas #christmas #photoalbum #asmotherasdaughter

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Sometimes life can surprise us when it comes to how similar children can be to their parents. In this image we can see a 14-year-old teenager holding the photo of her mother when she was 17 years old. If such clarification were not made, we would easily think that she is the same woman as the one in the photograph. She even keeps the same hairstyle and the same glasses.

4- It is not something very common, the condition of being redheaded.

The belief in some countries is that if we see a redhead on the street, we will be very lucky in life since it is rare to run into one, some are even born adorned with freckles. In this photograph we see a family of all women, all redheaded and beautiful. What makes it even more spectacular is that the hair color of these women matches that of the leaves in clear autumn weather.

5- Two strangers who look the same.

Who has not heard any story of alleged twins who were separated. It is generally applied as a joke when there is a great resemblance between people who are not related. In today’s times, where almost everyone has access to the Internet and social networks, it is easy to get there since we find similar people everywhere. Here is an example of two women, who are not related, but it is as if they were twins.

6- These women are twin sisters, even if it doesn’t seem like it

Opposed to the previous case, there are also twin brothers who are totally different. Despite being twins, these sisters don’t look a bit like each other. This is how genetics sometimes surprises us.

7- A family of albinos.

Albinism is a congenital absence of pigmentation that affects the color of the skin, eyes and hair. In this photograph we have a whole family of albinos. They look very happy and don’t care about looking a little different from everyone else. They are beautiful in their own way.

8- A redhead with different eye color.

Being born a redhead wasn’t enough. This girl also has heterochromia, a very rare characteristic that is having different colored eyes. She was born with one green eye and one blue. This look makes her look unique and sensational.

9- In 1980: two twins carrying other twins. 30 years later, the same morochos are shown doing the same thing.

For some time now it has become very popular to reproduce photos that were taken a long time ago. In this photograph we see two male twins carrying other newborn twins. After 30 decades, they decided to take a similar photo. This time it was heavier to carry the twins who had already grown quite a bit.

10- This lady is half Scottish and half Japanese.

People who come from different cultures often feel divided between one country and another. Because of this, many do not know how to express their respect for their two nationalities at the same time. This woman we see in the photo is half Scottish and half Japanese. Express your love and respect for her through a dress that is shaped like traditional Japanese costumes and a characteristic Scottish pattern.

11- Physical characteristics are transmitted with genes, but also passions.

Generally we inherit the physical characteristics, but sometimes also the passions. The boy in the photo accompanied his father since he was a child, a professional pilot, on trips and his work routine. After many years, he decided to become a pilot. He already has the best teacher, his father.

12- Two twins eating together on a Sunday.

Sometimes the resemblance between two people is surprising. In the photo, two sisters who went out to eat together. We can notice the same red hair color, light skin tone, and identical smiles. The resemblance is incredible.

13- This girl is red-haired, and her skin color is not so white. A good combination that makes it exotic.

The girl we see in the photo has blonde-red hair, light eyes and warm-toned skin, something very special. We cannot ignore the figure of her that she is an object of envy for women and admiration for men.

14- A world champion of martial arts together with his father.

No one would believe that this short-statured man was going to have such a tall and strong son. It is another example of how amazing genetics is. His son is an athlete with international success. Compared to his father, he has a huge size.

15- Anna Nystrom in the company of her mother. Do you notice who the mother is?

It is difficult to differentiate which of them is the mother and which of them is the daughter. Anna Nystrom is an example of an active lifestyle, with a balanced diet and exercises. After seeing her mother everything makes sense, from somewhere I inherited so much beauty and discipline.

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