What is indifference?

Indifference could be defined as the intermediate point between appreciation and contempt. Who is indifferent does not feel or act, just stays on the sidelines.

Indifference manifests itself when one person treats another as if they don’t exist, ignores them or limits themselves to simple answers if they are in a conversation.

It is a neutral affective state, and is associated with insensitivity and coldness as a person. It is a feeling that can cause a lot of damage to the people to whom it is practiced. Being indifferent implies that “nothing matters to us”, that we feel nothing before a person and even worse if this person at some point in our lives caused us some damage or bad time.

In other words, when we show ourselves indifferent towards someone, what we do is move away from that person so as not to suffer more damage, and give them the same treatment that they once did to us. But it’s not about revenge, it’s about showing that person that I didn’t destroy you, that you’re still standing and best of all, that it’s without him.

Being indifferent to someone implies that you are withdrawing your feelings, that they no longer exist for you. Is there a greater and crueler punishment than that?

You can always find other people who do value us and who we can lean on.

How to show indifference to someone who does not value you?

This is not an easy task, and especially if there is still a feeling involved. But if what you want is to show your values, these steps can be very useful.

Show strength.

If due to life circumstances you have to meet this person periodically, it is necessary that you have a tough personality, if he looks for your gaze, look at him, do not divert yours and try to show no expression on your face and continue with what you were doing.

If you look away, he will think that you are nervous and that you still have feelings for him, and he will have it as an advantage.

If you see him with someone else, gather your strength and show absolutely nothing. If you are happy for him, he will not believe you. It is better that you prepare to see it with another person, so you will avoid unwanted surprises.

Get on with your life.

In addition to doing you a lot of good, it will give him a lot to think about and will generate a lot of doubts, how quickly did you forget him? Why don’t you miss him anymore? among other questions.

Whatever it is, that you want to pretend, there is no better way to show that person that you no longer need them, is to continue with your life as always.

And even worse that you go back to the times when you were free and see it for your own eyes, like going out every weekend to dinner with friends, going out dancing, going shopping, taking advantage of your free time to do what you like. .

Focus on work or study.

If you work or study, do it with more enthusiasm and focus on being the best of all, you will have much more time to study or do homework. And if you work, dedicate yourself full time to what you do, think big, this will help you get a promotion without suffering anyone’s claims for being a better professional than him. This will help you not to think about him to entertain yourself and be happy.

Make yourself more beautiful than ever.

This could literally drive him crazy, seeing that you have dressed up much more than when you were with him, it will put him in more doubt, since he will think that someone else is in your life, that is generating those changes in you. And seeing you so beautiful and not with him, will give him more desire to return to you.

Smile and have fun without him, nothing to stay at home, you have to go out if possible in the areas where they frequented together, and let him see it with his own eyes.

You must also document all your outings, social networks today are the best source to do it, their guts will burn when they see that you are the most exceptional person and that they missed it for a fool.

Greet coldly.

Nothing to put on an angry face when you come across him, don’t smile at him either. Act as if nothing happened, a cold greeting without almost eye contact will be like a slap to his ego.

That will tell him that he doesn’t deserve you to waste even a second of your time with him. If he greets you through cell phone messages, give him a couple of little blue arrows, indicating I saw him but I don’t mind greeting you. This will keep you irritated all day.

Do not congratulate him on important dates.

Birthdays and special dates tend to want to revive those feelings and hopes. And when those dates arrive, he will wait for you to feel sensitive to remember good moments of the past and you will greet him and in this way he will recover his position from before.

But that day should be like every day, of absolute silence. Seeing no signs of your interest, he will only have to bang his head against the wall realizing that he has lost you. As a well-known phrase says “you never know what you have until you lose it” and it is the pure truth. By feeling the indifference on the part of the person, we learn to give him the value he deserves.

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