When we decide to start a relationship, we must first look at ourselves and thereby determine the love we have for each other and what value the person who will accompany us in our lives will bring us. Your insecurity or that of your partner will cause damage to self-esteem, and will affect the day to day in all other aspects even outside your relationship, at work, for example. But it can be avoided, with a little effort and determination if we detect it in time.

The way we behave before other people is a mirror of ourselves, beyond the love relationship, it even happens with our parents, friends or colleagues. But we understand that the most difficult is the first, because in an intimate relationship coexistence occurs at levels that other relationships cannot connect. Feeling insecure in a relationship is just a reflection that we have not managed to love each other enough and that is not the fault of the couple.

Signs that indicate that you feel insecure in your relationship.

A relationship is an opportunity to grow and complement our individual strengths and not a source of anxiety and challenges. Sharing life with another person is a very rewarding experience but not mandatory.

The most obvious signs are:

– Constant fear of the possibility that your partner decides to leave you. – Feeling a great need for love and attention from your partner. – Feeling very possessive with your partner. – You spy on your partner all the time, especially on social media. – You feel a lack of confidence, although he has not done anything to awaken that feeling in you.

Can you live with insecurity?

Constantly living with anguish and fantasies, will lead you to not be able to distinguish in a short time the difference between imagination and reality. Many times these have developed due to traumas or bad experiences from the past, such as the infidelity of their previous partner. This leads the person to live in constant anxiety and makes the relationship a bit complicated to cope with. Seeking professional help is a good point to begin to improve the relationship and lead it healthily.

Nobody suffers more than an insecure person.

The jealous and distrustful person is possessed of negative thoughts. All the time he has his mind spinning, wondering if his partner is unfaithful to him and each situation drives him crazy, scares him, eats him up.

Living with this concern is not living. It affects you as well as your partner and makes each day of living together a real ordeal. These charges are lethal weapons in the relationship with your partner and are the ones that destroy most marriages. Careful with that!!!!

How does insecurity affect your relationship?

Mistrust in the couple can be motivated by various causes:

– Jealousy: you must trust your partner, let him have his space and avoid controlling him all the time. We are all free people to make decisions. It is important to accept your partner with their strengths and weaknesses.

– Imagination or fantasy: they are also great collaborators of insecurity, it even affects it more because there are times that they create situations in your head that cannot even happen.

– Lack of trust: insecurity destroys trust in the couple, which is essential to maintain a good and stable relationship.

– Do not compare your relationship: each couple is a world apart, they are not alike in the slightest. That is why it is necessary to focus on not comparing yourself with others, your relationship is yours and you have to find a way to keep it as good as possible.

Enjoy your partner.

Get out of your mind that idea that your partner can end at any moment. That only time will tell, if the relationship will last forever or has to end.

Take charge of your relationship, make them a couple that people are envious of, they may have their ups and downs, but others don’t have to know that.

Praise your partner for his achievements, prepare a delicious dinner, invite him to go out dancing one night, get out of the routine. Maybe that’s what your relationship needs to have strength and security.

Change your appearance.

Perhaps your insecurity has to do with the fact that your partner handles himself in an environment where the prototype of women is different from yours. Don’t feel bad about it, because you have the same things as the others. You just have to take advantage of them, go to the beauty salon, change your look, conquer your partner every day, do not allow other people to attract the attention that is for you from your partner. If you already conquered it once, because now you won’t be able to do it.

Be kind, smiling, sweet and affectionate, do not let the routine collaborate with your insecurity. As long as he doesn’t show you otherwise, there’s nothing to suspect.

Highlight your charm, look in the mirror and take advantage of it to raise your self-esteem, a self-confident person shines like gold. Don’t let insecurity win you, face it and enjoy your relationship without ghosts haunting your head. There is nothing better than a relationship based on mutual trust, this will help foster love and the desire to live together every day.

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