In this article we are going to put on the table the different topics that should be discussed as a couple regarding sex. Which, as fun as it is, can bring some conflict too, so there’s something sexy about talking about it with your partner. Some of the most common topics are: fantasies, what they both like, about their sexual preferences, etc. The above is a very good way to stay in sync and connected. It also helps one to know the couple better and based on this, the sexual relationship can be improved.

It is true that in the practice of sexual intercourse one knows a lot about his partner, but it is also necessary to do it in theory, that is, discover what your partner says, what he likes the most, what he cannot wait for. do etc.

So without further ado, here’s a deeper dive into intimacy questions to ask your partner:

1. What fantasy do you want to make come true?

Most of us have fantasies that we want to make come true, some make more sense than others that are stranger, some are simpler and moreover, most want to experience them, instead, there are some that may not be fulfilled. It should be noted that fantasy and fiction are essential elements for arousal. As well as to keep the desire alive, adventure and novelty are necessary.

To ignite the passion and to be able to create an innovation in intimacy, we must at least know what fantasies our partner has and, furthermore, we should try to make sure that the fantasies of both are experienced during sexual intercourse.

Would you show me how and where you want me to touch you?

Many times in these types of questions, it is better to show than to try to answer the places anatomically. Doing this is a very erotic activity, which will probably make you and your partner enter a high state of excitement.

It is a good tool to learn more about what you like and what you like. It encourages you to ask yourself about your tastes and try to get more out of what already gives you pleasure.

Perhaps, you can take the initiative another time with these new ideas. He thinks that letting one of the two always take the initiative is not right. So try to make taking the initiative a shared activity for both of you. There are many people and couples who are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​talking about sex and therefore rarely ask for what they need to keep themselves aroused and wanting to continue having sex. Despite this, talking about sex is the only thing that will guarantee that they get exactly what they need.

Are there sex toys that you would like to try?

Sex toys are a tremendous topic. Knowing if your partner has any interest in trying one can be interesting to consider, since you can explore it as a couple.

There is a belief that sex toys are only for masturbation or for personal pleasure, but in reality they can also play an important role for partner sex. It is true that most of them are made thinking only of women, but that does not mean that they cannot enjoy them together or that they can find some that are made especially for couples.

In fact, there are many people who decide to use them during sex, with the intention of experiencing new things and with the aim of being able to add more stimulation to the sexual relationship.

Knowing about sex toys is a way to have more options when having sex, in addition to being able to innovate with the positions or with the place where you have sex.

How do you get excited?

Maybe you already have an idea of ​​how you can turn him on, so you better ask him how he gets turned on when he’s alone. That he explains to you what he thinks about when he is alone and wants to give himself pleasure by masturbating or that he tells you how he does it before (or during) the sexual act he has with you. It is normal for both men and women to think of various situations that cause them pleasure and it is also common for them to think of other people.

Most people believe that they are totally responsible for the arousal that their partner has or for the orgasm that the other person may or may not have, but this is not the case.

Each one should give their grain of sand for the complete relationship to work and it does not only depend on the other’s arousal, it also requires that one can stay aroused and focused on telling the other what to do to make one more aroused. Always trying to balance the pleasure of both.

All human beings to achieve an orgasm need to have a correct stimulation, relaxation and most importantly, concentration. As can be deduced, the couple only offers us one of the 3.

How do your orgasms feel?

Remembering what your orgasms are like brings to your mind and body a memory that can even make your hair stand on end.

We can all imagine that describing an orgasm is not easy at all. But we can all imagine that describing it can be a lot of fun.

Doing this activity takes us to another level of conversation, because it offers the perspective of a unique experience.

In conclusion, regarding the intimate questions that you should ask your partner, you can consider that your relationship is healthier and healthier when you feel comfortable talking about the intimacy that you have as a couple. Take into consideration if you know your partner’s desires and vice versa, if they are clear about their sexual needs and if they are capable of communicating them in an essential way for their sexual life.

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