From my point of view, if you no longer enjoy sexual relations in a marriage, you have a problem. I know what I’m talking about, not only because of the many patients I’ve dealt with on this subject, but also because I’ve been through it personally. Therefore, I can confirm that the circumstances in which this type of deficiency occurs does not matter. If sex is gone from an intimate relationship such as marriage, it means that there is a problem or this path may appear.

Main reasons for a sexless marriage

Of course there are many reasons, and of a very different nature, why a couple stops having sex, and it must be important to identify them. Often these problems are temporary and easily identifiable, they are usually periods of time in which our usual rhythm of life is being altered, such as: The period after giving birth, cases of delivery to other people such as relatives or dependent relatives , stress due to work reasons or also the diagnosis of a serious illness. This is totally normal, they are cases that are repeated in most people, so it falls into the field of the predictable and should not catch anyone off guard, or at least not worry more than necessary.

This lack or absence of sexual relations within marriage should be classified as worrying if the absence of sex persists over time or appears without further ado. In these cases, action must be taken to get to the cause of the problem and begin the changes to find the solution, since there are many cases in which marriages without sex enter a spiral of excuses to avoid dealing with the issue. Communication and reflection will prevent a marriage from facing the risk of being damaged. Marriage Without Sex In general, unless the causes are physical or medical barriers, the absence of sex is a sign of deep problems hidden in the marriage. the bottom of the couple’s relationship that come to the surface. In my practice I meet every day with women who do not have sexual relations with their husbands. The lack of female libido can be treated: with aphrodisiacs and natural products, but if the problem persists it is advisable to go to a professional, for this reason, these women come to me almost desperately in search of an explanation for their lack of sexual desire, their lack of of libido. The first thing I do is perform a whole series of tests of hormone levels. Many times I discover a hormonal imbalance that leads directly to that low or no sexual desire. But often, even when this hormonal issue has been resolved, the same women continue to feel the same lack of sexual appetite. Then I start looking at somewhat deeper levels and most of the time they end up admitting that they feel unhappy or unfulfilled in their marriage as a whole. They can be resentments, Having the feeling of being rejected by the partner or that one of the partners has to bear an excessive financial burden, a loss of trust – alone and separately. Even all causes at once. All of them can lead to the problem we are dealing with.

The lack of physical contact supposes an emotional distance

Various studies show that the lack of physical contact and closeness leads not only to a physical and spatial distance but also to an emotional one of the couples. Nearly 100% of married couples who say they have little to no sex show a much higher degree of marital dissatisfaction in the long run than those who have sex on a more or less regular basis. As I mentioned, I went through this in my own marriage a couple of years ago and to be honest, I came to doubt its survival. I suffered from stress and if I didn’t have something it was precisely the desire for sex. The less sex we had, the less connected we felt to each other. It was like a snowball rolling down the slope, growing and growing. But we managed to turn the situation around between the two, not sitting around waiting for sexual desire to magically reappear, but making sex one of our priorities in life together. Of course it required an effort, very great in my case due to the situation I was going through at work, which consumed all my energy. We were facing the problem and applying ourselves in our sexual relationships until the moment came when we both missed it after a few days. At that moment we were aware -especially me- that we had turned the situation around. The problem should not be swept under the rug, it should be actively confronted, especially since there is a high probability that the lack of sex and an unsatisfactory marriage will lead the members of the marriage to seek satisfaction elsewhere. That for one thing. And on the other hand, in the case of a married couple with children, it is advisable to raise them in a healthy and vitally positive environment. In any case, you have to take the risk of facing it, even if it is difficult to solve it, because of the great reward that it will entail. Believe me.

Tips to maintain a healthy marriage

1. Analyze your daily habits. For example, do you spend more time on the Internet than trying to have intimate contact with your partner, even a few caresses? It is difficult to change things that are not seen at first glance, so take your time analyzing the things that your routine includes, what has become a habit and what things are you missing or avoiding doing in daily life in healthy marriage common

2. Dedicate yourself to giving your partner a little love more often. Try to get physically closer to your partner in daily life – hold her hand even if you didn’t before, give her a smile or a loving look when you leave or return to her. These subtle but loving cues reestablish contact and pave the way for more ardent moments later. 3. Remember and remember your sexiest times. Have you ever had a special kiss, a special massage or shared a bathtub? To give just one example…. Ask your partner what they miss from your most romantic past or if there is something they would like to do again. You can also relieve the tension of the lack of sex by telling him that you want to resume the physical contact that you have lost and that you want to do it as soon as possible, that same night. 4. Hook up with your partner again. Send your wife messages about how sexy she is today or, for example, how much you admire her for having managed to feed, dress and take the kids to school and all in one morning and without getting nervous. They are mere proposals, there are many ways to flirt and each person likes to be told different things!

5. Ultimately, consult a professional. When you have already or have tried everything and you continue to be a sexless marriage, it may be time to consult a third person, an impartial third party. A therapist specializing in these issues. The specialist will help you discover the deep reasons underlying the issue because perhaps you have not reached them and work on the problem to solve it. Not only will it help you get back to a satisfying sex life, it will save your marriage or relationship in the long run.


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