Sex, in addition to increasing the happiness and well-being of a couple, has also been shown to provide us with different health benefits when practicing it regularly. Among its virtues we find that making love improves the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease and improves our mood, among other benefits. However, is it true that making love loses weight? Some think that sex helps us lose weight, and others consider this to be a false myth. If you want to know the truth of this matter, we invite you to continue reading this article
Is it true that sex loses weight?

The answer is YES, sexual intercourse helps you lose weight. Although this fact may sound like a myth to some, there are several studies that have shown that making love is an effective exercise to lose weight. According to research carried out by the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada), the participants in the experiment began to lose weight after 4 sessions of sex per month lasting approximately 25 minutes. The men burned about 100 calories while the women burned about 69 calories for each session. The doctor Pierre Durand, an expert in nutrition, also affirms this fact in his book “Lose weight by making love”. According to the medical degree, we can burn in each sexual relationship up to 560 calories, depending on the duration and the postures practiced during the session. In addition, he explains that making love is a complete physical exercise comparable to half an hour on a bicycle or a running session, since during orgasm, our metabolism instantly accelerates, which burns fat and calories accumulated in the body of the woman. same way as these two sports.
5 sexual positions to lose weight

Now that you know that sex is an activity that helps you lose weight, we teach you the best postures to make love and lose weight: The raised dog: to do this sexual position, the man must support the buttocks on the heels while he is standing. knees and hips slightly lowered. Meanwhile, the woman will have to sit on the boy with her feet back and rocking back and forth. With this posture we will be able to lose and tone especially the abdominal area. The wheelbarrow: it is a slightly difficult pose to make love but it is also one of the most effective to lose weight since practically all the muscles of your body will work. To perform it, the woman will have to lean towards the ground supporting her weight with her hands. While, the man should be standing holding her legs tightly so that she does not fall. Standing: the man should grab her girl and hold her in the air while she surrounds him with her legs and supports herself with her arms around her neck. If it is too difficult, you can choose to either do this position near a wall so that the woman has more support, or you can do it with the woman supporting one leg on the ground. In this way, although it is not as effective, you will also lose weight. Lotus pose: it is a sexual posture that will help you lose weight in general and also tone the buttocks. The man must be seated simulating the lotus flower and the woman must sit on top of it and hugging the man with her legs swinging her body at the desired rhythm. The washing-machine: It is called that because it is practiced on top of this object. The woman has to get on top of the washing machine and put her legs on the shoulders of the man, who must be in front of her. With this posture she will be able to work the abdominal area, the buttocks and the legs.
Other health benefits of sex

In addition to losing a few kilos, making love will bring us the following health benefits: Reduces stress: It has been shown that sex reduces cortisol levels in the body, the hormone that produces stress and anxiety. It has cardiovascular properties: during the preliminaries it has been observed that the body releases testosterone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which helps protect our heart. It also lowers blood pressure and activates blood circulation. Strengthens our immune system: a study showed that people who make love regularly had higher levels of immunoglobulin than those who do not have sex very often. Relieves headache and migraines: While we have sex, large amounts of nitric oxide begin to be mobilized, which improves peripheral circulation and, consequently, reduces the pain caused by migraines. Improves the appearance of the skin: orgasm causes a greater secretion of water in the body, which helps increase skin hydration. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, which reduces orange peel skin and cellulite.

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