There is no doubt that fame was not made for everyone because not everyone can withstand the pressure of the paparazzi and the cameras following them everywhere, in addition to the criticism and negative comments that are always around, in some cases, some celebrities have not endured the price of fame and in the face of the strong criticism they have received, the scandals in which they have been involved and the serious problems they have gotten into with alcohol and drugs for enduring the life they lead, They have ended up ending their careers.

But sometimes people do not forgive, a clear example of this occurred recently, which occurred on social networks when they unscrupulously offended the daughter of singer Jennifer Lopez.

JLo, is currently one of the most established singers in the world,  over time her success has been growing , even this year could be named as one of the best of her life, since she has had great success both is her professional life as well as her personal life with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

But despite this, the singer has not been spared from criticism and some social network users are not happy with anything the Latina does.

But she is a woman who knows how to handle the ups and downs of her work very well, however, what she did not tolerate and that was something that broke her heart, were the attacks against her daughter in the last few days.

And of course, Jennifer felt very upset to see how users on social networks attacked her daughter mercilessly calling her “ugly”, which can affect the little girl’s self-esteem at her young age.

Faced with this situation,  the singer did something to silence the cruel comments of the users and show them that Emme has inherited the talent of her parents , she slapped them with a white glove when publishing a video in which the little girl is seen singing with a voice angelic, showing that it will be equal or more talented than her.

This publication caused users of social networks to show great support by making positive comments and admiration for mother and daughter. In addition to leaving the haters silent.

Emme, the daughter of the Bronx diva and singer-songwriter Marc Anthony, was harshly criticized on Instagram, after she made a publication on the Despierta America program where the little girl appeared with her mother on a recording set.  The image was titled  . Isn’t it true that every day Emme looks more like her mommy?

At that moment the social network exploded and Emme received harsh comments against her image. Many fans and others not so much considered the diva’s daughter “ugly” and blamed Marc Anthony for her great resemblance.

Some comments were very offensive:

“The hair is the same as her father Marc Anthony”, “Not only the hair but the whole face belongs to her father”, “Unfortunately she is very similar to her father”, “The girl is very ugly, she is the same as the father” .

However, it also received positive feedback:

“Emme is a beautiful girl very similar to her father because she carries his blood, she was also procreated with a lot of love that her parents had, all children are beautiful”, “In a few years the little girl will develop and look just as beautiful and beautiful than her mother”, “I don’t know why people are so superficial, she’s just a girl and that’s why she must be treated with love”.

Emme is really a very beautiful little girl with a great talent that has been inherited from her parents, we hope that in the future she will follow in the footsteps of both parents because they are her example to follow.

JLo knew very well how to shut up the hateful, but are their lives so empty to attack a girl so cruelly?

Source: why it didn’t happen to me

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