Although it seems to all of us that the position of the puppy sounds very entertaining, by doing it more than one, it has probably had some other fail. Among some are the fact that we do not aim for our G-spot, so it is not possible for us to reach an orgasm and we have to resort to our way of touching ourselves to be able to achieve it, which may or may not please the gallant we are with. This is why we decided to share these tips with you, so that you can really enjoy doggy style and fulfill your fantasy more easily, instead of having to try so hard to focus on your fantasies and try to achieve an orgasm on your own. .

It is common that perhaps you feel or have felt that your partner enjoys this position much more than you, so so that this does not happen to you and that it is also your favorite position, we want you to know that it depends on women, more than on men. men, the act of making this position enjoyable. In fact, we can really enjoy ourselves if we know exactly where our point is and we can take advantage of the position itself.

As a result of the above, below we share the precise advice so that you can start enjoying this position with your partner as soon as possible:

1.- Tilt a little

We recommend that you can lean on your elbows, not on your hands, as they will tire you. In addition, try that your back position allows the penis to enter directly towards the G-spot. If your partner has a hard time knowing where he has to do the work, it is ideal that you can guide him with your back movements. . So we advise you not to stay in the fact that the man has to do all the work, but really help him to target your G-spot. For the above, try to move properly and add flavor to what you are doing. . If you can’t think of how, we advise you to try moving your hips sideways or slightly moving your legs. To find out if you’re doing it right, ask for feedback from your partner and pay attention to the sensations in your own body.

2.- Play with yourself.

Something you can use in this is your own hands. The safest thing is that your partner is very busy trying to make you feel pleasure and at the same time, try not to lose your sexual desire to prevent everything from going downhill. So it’s likely that your clit isn’t on his mind. Consequently, we advise you to take advantage of the position so that you can give your man pleasure, which is always a concern for us, but it is also important that you have a good time and that you can reach the climax that you so deserve. For this, you can help yourself to touch certain erogenous parts of your body and stimulate your special zones in the way you like best. In this way, you can combine the pleasure that your partner gives you with the one that you can give yourself.

3.- Use a mirror.

If he or you miss seeing each other’s face or if they want to see it because they wonder how the other is doing, then it is advisable to use mirrors so that both can see each other better and be sure that They are very excited and having a good time. This for some is like seeing yourself in a hot movie and enjoying it.

4.- Try something new.

Are you tired of always having sex in the same positions? Then try to perform the positions with some modifications. There are times when we think that for sex it is special, so we have to make tremendous changes, but it is not always like that, there are times when we can achieve a lot with small changes. So in relation to the above, we are going to propose the position of the wheelbarrow, where you can achieve an excitement that makes you have an orgasm. The trick in this position is that you support your body weight in your arms, while your partner also supports part of your weight by holding your legs. As it is done in the typical wheelbarrow, try it, this is simply fascinating.

5.- Comfortable bridge.

If you plan to hold the position for a long time, then it is very likely that you could hurt yourself or suffer from a cramp. So so that your knees do not hurt, we advise you to use something that softens the contact, such as: a pillow or a soft surface.

In addition, for the position in general, we recommend a solid surface, where you can be very stable and where you are not worried about losing your balance, so that you allow yourself to feel the sensations of sexual intercourse with complete peace of mind.

6.- Do not remain silent.

In this position your partner can not look at your face, so any uncomfortable feeling you have, you must inform him and find a way to accommodate yourself so you can continue enjoying.

On the contrary, if everything is fine, then it is essential that you also let him know, through your comments, moans or screams. And if you want to make her feel a little hotter, then get creative with your dirty talks.

Now that we have exposed all the tips that you should do during the doggy style position, then there is nothing left but for you to start trying this fantastic position, which has great potential to improve your sexual relations and your relationship itself, for What man would not enjoy being able to perform these delicious positions when having sex? Probably no man can resist this.

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