The swing posture is one of the many postures found in the Kamasutra book and we can say that it is one of the simplest, to talk about sex is to talk about a taboo subject and many people run away from the subject or blush, since which are topics that are not dealt with very frequently, when talking about the Kamasutra many people think that it is a simple and fun topic and it is not like that.


The Kamasutra is the book of love of the ancient culture of India, it is originally written in Sanskrit and it describes the sexual behavior of the human being, but in reality, this book is made up of 36 chapters related to 7 different topics, and Only in the second of these topics is it discussed sexual postures and how to receive and give pleasure. The author of this work considered that there are 8 basic ways to make love, and another 8 main positions, and through combinations he represents 64 arts or positions for having sex and many other explanations about orgasm and how to achieve it through drawings and explanations.

It is clear that sex is an act of freedom in which letting go is always the most pleasurable, but if you want to break the monotony, the Kamasutra is the best reference manual, and a source of inspiration to make our most hidden desires come true. . In this article we are going to see one of them, the one known as “swing posture”. In a sexual relationship, the participants are the ones who set the rules of what can or cannot be done in that moment of intimacy, what happens between sexual partners is something that remains in the private sphere, therefore, in terms of Kamasutra postures to satisfy the desire for pleasure, you have to choose well which one suits your needs. In this sense, the position of the swing is one of the simple ones since no special object or furniture is needed to perform it,

What is clear is that after performing this position with your partner, you will remember that his vigorous rocking took you to seventh heaven between shudders of pleasure.


In the swing posture, the man lies on a flat surface with his legs stretched out on the surface of the bed, or the floor, with his hands resting on the surface behind him, the arms are therefore almost completely stretched. , this position will limit the control of the rhythm of the sexual act, but there is no doubt that you will enjoy the experience of this sensual position. On her part, the woman will sit on her partner with her legs bent on both sides of the man’s thighs, in this position she can already guide, with one hand if necessary, the penis towards the entrance of the her pussy.

During intercourse, the lovers play slowly, swaying, simulating the movement that is made when swinging on a seesaw swing, the woman is leaning forward, with her hands resting on the man’s legs, offering her partner the spectacle of the undulating movement from her back as a result of the rocking, with each inclination of the woman, she drags the penis back and forth inside her vagina.

The man’s movements are restricted, and are limited to slightly moving his pelvis, while he flexes his legs to accompany his swing, thus exerting the pressure of his pubis against that of the woman, this causes a most pleasant excitement in the couple, At the moment of orgasm, this position allows some improvisation, so it is best to let yourself be carried away by the situation and live sex with total freedom. This position is strictly sexual, that is, there is no eye contact since the woman is on her back, and the man must support himself on his arms, therefore, he cannot caress his partner during intercourse, this accentuates the lovers’ perceptions , which are concentrated in the lower abdomen as the only source of pleasure,


To increase the pleasure when making love in this position, the woman can caress her clitoris and her mons pubis at the same time that she caresses her partner’s testicles, she can also stimulate the base of the penis by enclosing it in a ring formed by the fingers, the woman in this position has a certain advantage since she is the one that can increase the pleasure of both, so do not hesitate to enjoy an incredible orgasm when you make love with your partner.

Despite this description of the swing position, or instructions on how to perform it, remember that when making love with your partner, improvisation is the most sensual option, this position is fun and sexy, and the best thing is that it admits multiple variations and that has the peculiarity of providing pleasure with very light movements, almost imperceptible. As we have already left you the instructions of one of the simplest positions of the famous book of the Kamasutra, called the swing, so that you can fully enjoy with your partner, our wish is not that you take an order or a step by step, if not based on our advice you have an idea of ​​how to do it, reinvent yourself and achieve better pleasure results than expected, and what better way to do it with your own swing, created from our instructions,

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