It is common for most people to think that only people with high purchasing power can be elegant, they associate elegance with money, having the wrong image that every person of power is therefore elegant and sophisticated. And the reality is that an elegant woman does not need to show off or show off valuable items, elegance has to do with good taste and the attitude that one has, elegance is not something that can be bought as most think, it is the distinction when choosing a garment or accessory and the grace with which one wears it and the social behavior that one has.

Elegance in addition to good taste, which, contrary to what most women think, lies in simplicity, in the way she carries herself, for example, the class in the movement of her hands, the slight smile or even your tone of voice when speaking.

An elegant woman is confident and measured.

Elegance is a lifestyle, so it needs habits that must be incorporated until they are done almost automatically, elegance also helps to have a better relationship with others.

It is not about making forced smiles, or pretending with others, but trying to cope with any situation you are going through, not because of the external gaze but for yourself.

An elegant woman is safe because she loves herself, she accepts her virtues and defects, she knows how to relax, enjoy the silence, and take advantage of any hostile situation that is happening with a big smile.


She exudes happiness for those around her, and knows how to withdraw when she is tired to recharge her energy and go out into the world again.

They are discreet and know how to relate to education.

They know how to respect others, they are polite not only with their bosses, but also with waiters, vendors, they know that respect has nothing to do with social class, they serve and relate to education. Being respectful and polite is part of her philosophy of life. Elegant women are reliable, because they do not talk about what they do not know, they do not talk about the intimacies of others or their own, they are not interested in gossip, and they are safe, so they do not need to speak ill of others to stand out, on the contrary, always have positive words for others. Their way of expressing themselves is discreet, they do not need to speak loudly to be heard, their way of speaking is slow, in an argument they do not point fingers at you, they know that to argue it is not necessary to raise the tone of the voice, because speaking stronger does not make him right, they do not make unpleasant gestures,

They are generous and care about others.

Elegant women are interested in the well-being of the people around them, they ask them how life is going, they are not waiting for you to hear problems to show off, if they are friends with you they will offer you help and know how to accompany you without disturbing you, they are pleasant, they are interested in what happens in your life, in how you feel and in knowing your needs, they do not waste time gossiping, you will not find them speaking ill of someone, they are not happy about the failures of others, because they focus on themselves and fulfill their dreams.

They are not handled with malicious comments. They know how to make constructive criticism. They do not seek irony or double messages to tell you what they do not like, they express themselves with sincerity and sensitivity.

It is impossible to destabilize it

We often hear the phrase: cope with problems with elegance, and if it is very difficult to destabilize an elegant woman, either in an argument or making jokes in bad taste, because she is so sure of herself that she does not have the habit of taking everything personally. She is aware of the value of her time so she doesn’t waste time on grudges. She knows how to prioritize her own emotional well-being.

She feels comfortable with her body and does not fill with accessories

Elegance has nothing to do with having the body of a model. It has to do with the way you carry your body, both in attitudes and in the clothes and accessories you use, dressing according to the figure and what makes you feel comfortable. We usually see how some women with robust bodies look very elegant, they know how to present themselves well: they don’t “stuff themselves” in tight clothes or tight jeans, total of entering fashionable clothes, but they dress according to their figure. Elegance lies in the simple, in the classic, enhanced by some fashionable garment.

A good scent.

The choice of a good perfume is essential, and also the extent to which it is applied.

A good perfume does not imply that you have to feel miles away or fill the environment with the aroma. It should be light and delicate, it should also be chosen according to each type of skin, because unlike many who put it on their clothes, it should be placed on the skin and passed on to the clothes.

In short, I would like to share with you some of the phrases of a woman who is an icon of elegance: Coco Chanel, where simplicity stands out as a pillar of elegance.

· “Less is more.”

· “Simplicity is the key to true elegance.”

· Dress vulgar and they will only see the dress, dress elegant and they will see the woman.”

· “A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.”

· Fashion is like architecture: it is a question of proportions.”

· “It is not the appearance, it is the essence. It’s not the money, it is education. Its not the clothes, is the class.”

And remember that Elegance is not tangible, but it is perceived in everything, an elegant woman is not distinguished by how she dresses or the fashion accessories she wears, her manners stand out, by the way she behaves and relates, she is aware of herself. same at all times, reflects its inner light.

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