How many times do you tell yourself that you are worth less, that you could not do what that person does, that you will never achieve what they have achieved or that you do not deserve to be with that person? This is often the result of low self-esteem, this feeling can not only put your relationship at risk but also your health. One of the clearest signs that a person needs to improve her self-esteem is that she is always comparing herself to others and thinking that she is worth less. She feels inferior to everyone around her, and even if she compares herself to whoever she compares herself to, she is worthless next to her. Recently a study conducted by Jessica Adams, and published by the University of Veracruz, states that the more insecure a woman is, the greater her probability of being a victim of violence. because of course, When you have a very acute feeling of inferiority, the only thing you do is lower your head and allow anything because you feel that you have no value. “How is the interaction with your partner? When a woman experiences this problem she tends to have the following behaviors: she allows herself to be humiliated, you will say yes to everything and you don’t have your own personality.

Apart from that, when you feel inferior you think that everyone is noticing. That, just like you, everyone thinks that you are worth less, that you are bad at this, that you are not a worthwhile person… and other similar barbarities. Although it is something that can happen to anyone, it is a more frequent problem in women due to cultural issues.

· High energy: By this we mean changing negative thoughts for positive ones, an example is; Before criticizing yourself, mention something in which you are important or that is your quality. You will not always be good at the same things that your boy is and that is something that should not affect you.

· Talk to yourself with love: There is nothing wrong with telling ourselves that we are beautiful and that we are worth a lot, some think that it is having a high ego, but when you feel inferior, doing this is very important. So, if you consider yourself insecure, cowardly or not much, just start telling yourself that you are safe, brave, big thing… Today just say it. And tomorrow you do something small that makes you believe it.

· Increases the chemicals of happiness: Through some pleasant ideas and by encouraging your image and self-conception, your brain increases the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin that will allow you to feel happier. Do activities you like, dress up and share with your friends.

· Be proud of your flaws : No relationship is perfect, besides everyone in the world has flaws. There are things that we like more and things that we like less about us, some we can change, others maybe not. But we cannot resist and hate ourselves for it, the best thing is to accept the bad and cope with it. After all, the one who loves you will do so even with your flaws.

· Recognize all your values: And just when you can feel good about your flaws, focus your attention on what you are special. Look for that unique factor in you, exalt your virtues.

· What is your role: You must analyze what your role is in the relationship. Make sure that there is a balance and that you are not the one who must always give in or please everyone.

So from today work on that confidence you need to be happy, at first it will not be easy, but you must make an effort to achieve it. The couple psychotherapist Yolanda assures that “If you perceive yourself as a valuable person, you will see your partner as an important person, but not superior to you. You will be able to love and treat the other in the same way that you would like to be treated: with respect and dignity. Consider each of these tips and confidence will come out on its own, I guarantee it.

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