Kunyaza is a traditional sexual technique used in Central Africa. It is said that it is the secret by which women obtain incredible orgasms. Dr. Nsekuye Bizimana, a sex expert from Rwanda working in Germany, has conducted a study on this technique.


The trick is the action with the male member – the spectacular result is an ejaculation of the woman. The basic principle is simple and has been passed down from generation to generation in Central African countries for more than 150 years. The man holds his penis and shakes the end of it against the clitoris, vulva and vagina. It basically consists of pounding for the necessary time around the vulva, stimulating all the visible softness until they become spongy and reddish, that means that they are excited, lubricated and possibly before a flowing and multiple orgasm. The kunyaza orgasms are various, wet and vibrant. So we hit the lottery! rhythmic movements should also be made around the vulva in a circular or zigzag direction. The tapping movement can be alternated with the rubbing movement,

It is important to maintain good lubrication from the start, otherwise the technique may be too sensitive. A little lube works wonders.

If after a while the man experiences wrist fatigue, the woman can assume her role and hold the penis. And women can also contribute theirs by opening their vaginal lips to intensify the sensation.


In a more advanced version of kunyaza, the man places his penis in the woman’s vagina, and again holds and shakes it from side to side or in a circular motion to produce stimulation inside the vagina. He can also replace it with a more conventional penetration technique.

In the “classic” kunyaza position described by Dr. Bizimana, the man sits and the woman sits on his lap, facing him. But Dr. Bizimana points out that “less sporty” people may prefer easier “modern” positions, for example with the woman lying on her back and the man kneeling between her legs.


is claimed that all these movements of the penis have magical effects on women. On the one hand, it is said to produce multiple and repeated orgasms.


The clitoral orgasm, the clitoral, is the most common and there are other types such as vaginal, g-spot, ejaculations or bubbling from the vagina, which are a form of vaginal excitement when lubricated. It is a blessing, because lubrication is not given to some, either due to hormonal problems or any other condition. And not all orgasms either. Many still do not know how to feel or have not been made to feel out of their hands. Each vagina has its temperament. The lubrication factor when someone is tapping can be improved with water-based lubricant. Leave the slimes for my photo up here. It’s not cool with saliva. The name “kunyaza” actually means “urinate”. However, it is not urine that women expel from their vaginas, but vaginal fluid.

In fact, kunyaza is also more popularly known as “wet sex.” And as attractive as it may seem to them, Rwandan men don’t seem to have found a very nice nickname for women addicted to this technique: shami rytikivu, which means “put a bucket under the woman”.


If you’re wondering about trying the Kunyaza technique, sex researcher Sylvia Tamale says she heard this glowing review from a Ugandan sexuality educator:

“I was truly ignorant of the fact of female ejaculation until I met my current lover. If your lover knows what she is doing, you will be able to produce rivers of flow and experience multiple orgasms at the same time.”

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