Many people think that an elegant woman is one who wears clothes and accessories from luxurious and well-known brands.

In their private hearts, they are convinced that this is synonymous with good taste, attitude, education and class and that it is something intended only for some women.

Nothing further from reality. Actually, being elegant is not as complicated as it seems and any woman can be.

The secrets

You are not “born” elegant, you can learn to be. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive or inaccessible. What’s more, many women spend a lot of money, but they don’t look elegant at all.

These are some infallible tricks and secrets to make you look super elegant on any occasion.

– First things first: improve your posture! It’s no use spending a fortune on clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hairdressing and then you stand hunched over, sticking out your belly and when you sit down you “spread” on an armchair. Get used to walking and standing properly, if you have postural vices it will cost you at first, but then it will come naturally, which is the real key to looking elegant. (And something very important: it does not imply any expense, only your effort).

– Do not abuse with makeup. If you do, you could be closer to ridiculous than elegance. Moderation and balance are the key words in this aspect. If your eyes have dark or very striking tones, your lipstick should be nude; On the contrary, if your lips are very bright red, your eyes should be made up in a more natural way. If you think you need kilos of makeup to stand out, you are wrong, use what is just and necessary to highlight your best features and angles, as well as to hide what is not so flattering, is the strategy. Perhaps in a first stage you should advise yourself with an expert, so that she can give you the main lines that will favor you. She will help you identify the shades of makeup that best match your skin to achieve a perfect effect.

– Choose the garments that flatter your body the most and soberly highlight your attributes, always avoiding falling into vulgarity. Find your personal style, the one that defines you as a person. Do not follow trends blindly, because if a fad does not go with you, the effect will be more harmful than beneficial.

-Avoid carelessness, dirty, battered, wrinkled or old-looking clothes project a bad image of you and obviously, it is not elegant at all. In the same way, take care of your personal hygiene, your hair, your smell, your nails, everything must have a good appearance, in which the care is noticed.

-When buying, invest in items that will give a special touch to any of your looks. Fine high-heeled shoes, a bag that is easy to combine and that you can always use, are fundamental and usable for many occasions. A suitable perfume for you, that goes with your personality and your skin, is also a great investment and that will allow you to distinguish yourself from others.

-In addition to your presence, you must take care of your language, there is no elegant garment that will save you if you are not polite and restrained when speaking. Rudeness and high tone of voice when speaking are not the hallmarks of polite people. On the contrary, the most elegant women stand out for their good manners and kindness.

-Get informed about what is happening in the world, educate yourself, there is no elegance in a person who does not know how to talk about anything because he is ignorant. If you can’t hold a conversation, it’s very difficult for you to be graceful.

-The clothes and shoes you wear must be your size. If a garment is too big or too tight, it will never look good, much less elegant. You must also be successful to adapt to the weather and the occasion, respect the dress codes of the events you go to.

-You can adopt different trends dressing, but without abusing and looking for a balance. Do not use more than three different colors in your outfit and do not combine animal print with sequin garments or metallic colors. Your accessories should also be balanced with your overall look. If your clothes are in neutral tones, you can wear striking pieces; On the other hand, if your clothes are already heavily loaded with design or colour, your accessories will be more discreet. Finding balance is key to being a more elegant woman.

-Definitely, showing a lot is not elegant and it’s not even sexy: it’s vulgar. Subtlety is the most feminine and elegant, so you should suggest before exhibiting. Use one neckline at a time (chest or back). If your blouse is tight, compensate with a long skirt and rather baggy pants.

-Do not show the brands of your clothes or accessories, if you think it is something elegant, you are very wrong. Others do not have to know who designed your clothes, your bag or your shoes, much less with large posters. Typically, elegant women are more understated and don’t need the most expensive clothing to reveal their class, instead relying on good posture and a wise choice of clothing in terms of color, texture and cut. -The length of your skirts, dresses, shorts or capris should match your height. If you are not very tall, a good choice can compensate, but if you choose the wrong length, you will seem even shorter. On the other hand, a dress that is too short can look like a stretched blouse and be vulgar. In general, remember that “less is more”, do not overload on accessories, colors or textures. before dua,

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