It may be that you have known him for a long time and from that moment, you sigh for him.

Or maybe you met him a week ago, but he has crushed your heart. The point is that there is a man who makes you sigh and you even dream about him, but there is a small problem: you don’t know how to conquer him and you fear that if you do it wrong, you will lose your opportunity.


Many women still think that they are the ones who should take the initiative to try a new relationship and wait for that man who has caught their attention to make the first step. This does not have to be the case, they do not always have to take the initiative to meet someone new.

Although seduction may have a bit of mystery, it is perfectly possible to outline certain customs, habits and ways of behaving that are a great weapon when seducing a man.

These are some of them.

1. Smile, always smile: it is the gesture of complicity par excellence and very contagious. It also reveals that you feel comfortable with him and encourages him to take a step.

2. Show yourself confident: a woman is prettier when she trusts herself that she is and that security shows. If you are determined and confident, you will definitely catch her eye. 3. Dress appropriately for the occasion, since clothes show many things: they reflect moods and emotions, desires and personality. Choosing it well for each place will help you in the process of conquest. Remember: the sexiest clothing is not the one that shows everything, but rather the one that reveals just what is necessary and lets the imagination play… 4. Personal image is everything and this does not mean wearing a perfect 90-60-90. The art of conquest has nothing to do with weight and goes much further. Worry more about how you show yourself in your entirety: makeup, hairstyle, accessories. Nothing in excess is good and many times the most natural look is ideal.

5. Communicate with him, listen to him, we all like to be that what we say is received by the other person. Listen to what he says about his activities, his tastes and his day to day, that will help you to know him better.

6. Men also like surprise gifts or small attentions. It doesn’t have to be a big gift: help at work or just a greeting on a special date can make a big difference. 7. Do not go to extremes: talk non-stop or never say anything, be excessively shy or shameless, extremely sentimental or very cold, are ways of acting that scare many people.

8. If you really want to conquer this man, add a bit of mystery to the relationship: he does not have to know absolutely everything about you. The information must be measured and, perhaps, with a touch of mystery. At first, don’t expose too much about yourself: men find the unknowns in a woman fascinating and it allows them to imagine thousands of things. Imagination is the most powerful weapon in the game of seduction, the curiosity that he may feel for you will arouse his interest in meeting you. 9. The look is a fundamental detail. If the situation is that they have not yet established any type of contact, it is essential that he knows that “you are there”, that “you exist”. Make sure that when you are close to him there is eye contact, it is extremely important that you can get into his field of action, that is the first step. 10. Jokes and trust are the basis of a relationship: the former are the best way to achieve the latter. If they have a topic that both of them like (and that the others don’t understand, the better) it will be a great bridge: it can be a musical group, a program, a series or a movie, a cartoon, something that allows them to joke and laugh at yourself, at others and at the world.

11. The small and subtle physical contacts are signs that we leave, a kind of silent but very powerful “yes”. Human contact makes us feel better and closer to others. When you discreetly touch or brush up against a man, you will create a bond with him. Take the opportunity to touch him when you talk to him, but, of course, in an extremely subtle way: a pat on the shoulder, a brush of hands, a light caress on the arm when greeting. The important thing is that he does not feel invaded in his personal space, since many men will feel “intimidated” if they see that the woman makes the first move.

12. In matters of seduction, there is something very simple but that gives a great result: we are attracted to what is similar to us. If you imitate certain movements or postures that he does when you talk to him, you will be able to capture his attention. If he touches his hair, shortly after do the same. If he takes a certain posture when speaking, imitate it. In an unconscious way, he will think that you look a lot like him. Of course, the key word at this point is subtlety, otherwise you will go from seductive to terrifying. 13. At some point, subtly, you can bring up the subject of couples, how your ideal partner would be (and define him). If you open your heart to him by talking about such a personal topic and he has an interest in you, he will surely follow the same path. 14. Natural and unapologetic women make men fall in love, so you will surely impact the one you are interested in if you know how to show how many you are worth and how interesting you are. Relax, don’t pretend, be yourself and subtly make him feel that a woman like you needs someone exactly like him. If you make him feel that he is the one who seduced you (and not you to him) you have much of the way won, because they love to think that they take the initiative.

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