Having sexual relations is not simply about intercourse, because in order to be widely satisfactory, certain techniques must be used. Of course, the main part is always in the penetration, but don’t expect the man to do 99.9% of the work either, if you really want to have a full sexual life, and that each encounter of this type is better than the next. above, you shouldn’t just be lying there waiting for the two of you to “finish.” You must do your part, remember that this is done by two and man also needs a stimulus.

In a sexual encounter things must be dynamic for it to be pleasurable. It is time for you to get to work and apply some good rhythm to your intimate relationships, being a little more specific, it is the ideal time for you to start moving that hip properly. According to the Global Survey of Sexual Well-being, worldwide only 44% of the population is totally satisfied with their sexual life.

It is important that you also manage the threads in some passages of the intimate relationship, since the positions you adopt also have a fundamental role. For example, if you have tried to be on top, you will realize that you require great concentration so that your movements are exact, have a good rhythm and enough intensity for both of you to enjoy it; Well, in this case, it doesn’t matter if you look like a porn actress or not, since the secret lies elsewhere.

For your part, the best thing you can do is constantly train your hip muscles so that they move properly when you use them. It is not necessary to do acrobatics, simply with a little practice you will be able to move them without difficulties and you will drive your partner crazy in bed.

Here are some tips for you to become a master in bed moving your hips:

– Perreo: Of course, with this we are not saying that you start dancing reggaeton all day, but if you usually go out dancing with friends you can take it as a training session. But the main idea of ​​doing perreo-style exercises is that they help you contract and release the muscles of your buttocks. Little by little you should try to advance, that is, when you master it standing up, try to change your posture and get on your knees on the bed, do it by separating your legs and lowering your hips slightly, in such a way that it seems that your partner is just beneath you. Repeat the movement constantly with your buttocks.

– Turns: In relation to hip movements there are many variants, so if at any time you get tired of jumping slightly on your partner, you can change the Up-Down movement for circular movements with the hip. To have a better grip or more comfort when doing it, you should support yourself on your chest or arms and turn slightly in the direction you want. You must make sure to touch all the points with those movements: right, left, forward and backward. An advantage of moving in a circular way is that you will be massaging the penis and stimulating your clitoris. – Back: In order to have a better penetration, you should try to curve and stretch your back slightly between one movement and another. Mainly the erectors of the spine are the ones that must be curved so that the back is straight and curved every time you move. If you prefer, you can adopt a rhythm of entry and exit of the penis, so you will enjoy it more. On the other hand, if your back tires you, you can put your arms behind your head, apart from relaxing, it will stylize your figure and your partner will have a celestial vision, which will increase the decibels. – Relay: If you get tired quickly, you can ask your partner to do the dirty work, to call it something. Doing this is very simple, you just have to hold on to his hips with your legs and let him do the rest of the work. If you want you can do it alternately, that is, move a little and have him continue it, thus maintaining that rhythm. – Balance: In this case you should try to use your knees, your hands and your toes to fully maintain your balance. Being able to balance yourself in this position will play tremendously in your favor, since if you wish, you can even adopt a faster pace. Of course, you must bear in mind that the changes of rhythm will make you enjoy sexual activity doubly.

Finally, do you know what the Kegel method is? They are exercises that you can use as an “ace up your sleeve” to make your partner hallucinate the times you get on top of him. Basically it serves to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, the bladder and intestine. It consists of contracting the muscles, as if you were going to urinate but simulating that you stop it so that it does not come out. However, using this technique in sex will make your partner explode with pleasure.

So moving your hips has a high chance of ending up both satisfied. No matter how you look, being active you have a pleasant day guaranteed.

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