Lie is a word that has a very strong effect in it, there are people who do a lot of damage with lies, because by not being careful they hurt and destroy everything with it in their path. If you feel threatened by the presence of a lying person, then you need to get as far away from her as possible. The person who lies, in turn, tends to be emotionally cold and very calculating. A person who has taken lying as a habit cannot bring anything good with him, remember that the first thing we experience when discovering that a person is lying to us is mistrust.

What effect does lying have on love?

When we discover that someone is lying to us, we feel disappointed, a lie always hurts, there are no such so-called white lies, because a small lie or a big lie is a lie in the end, and when we discover it we feel betrayed, and that produces a lot of emotional pain. . There are people who live their lies to the point of deceiving those around them with such a counterproductive effect, that they end up hurt and unable to believe in anyone else again, or it takes a long time for them to believe and trust someone else again. The effect that a lie can cause often has no limits, those who live lying do not understand morals or values, that is why they mostly do not measure the consequences of acts.

Deception, lie or betrayal
There is a lot of difference between a deception and a lie, but both lead to betrayal, we must be careful with those feelings, because they all harm people and make them lose confidence. Deceiving a person is a very voluntary act, it is as if it is intended to do harm to the person intentionally, that is even more painful. The lie within a relationship is one that will exhaust all the existing trust between the two, this will directly lead to love losing meaning between them, and when they can realize it, love will be over.

The lie is the silent executioner in many relationships, because one of the couples begins with a small lie, perhaps insignificant, according to him or her, but with that they will sow uncertainty, insecurity and distrust between both, it could be that one of them at Realize the damage caused in the relationship, give in and choose to end, but there are cases where the cheated person suffers, gets depressed but still continues with the relationship, and in the last case, you see the couples who have gotten used to it, they resign themselves, but they follow the same pattern, responding in the same way, using lies in the relationship, there love no longer exists, they are together for some convenience or agreement, but the lie has killed love.
The lie has an expiration date

Although it seems that no one will ever know what you do, even if you believe that no one will be able to discover your lies, do not trust, there is a saying that lies have short legs, because you must believe it, sooner or later someone will expose you and your lies They will be exposed and it will be there your fall, everything you thought they would never find out will remain available to everyone, just think how much damage you will be causing perhaps to the people who trusted you the most. All lies have an expiration date, that is why it is better that you go ahead and learn to speak the truth.

The lie kills trust
The lie always kills trust, and without trust love dies without remedy. There is no better way to explain it. Once the lie took over you, and you decided to cheat on your partner, it is the sure start to end love and the relationship. But when we talk about lying in a relationship, we are not referring specifically to infidelity, there are many ways to lie and reasons to do so, but all of them lead to sowing mistrust and when your partner experiences that feeling, everything is complicated in the relationship.

When you kill the illusion of a person, it is difficult for him to recover that state of trust, when the lie becomes unsustainable, both the one who lies, and the person who has been deceived suffer, one for not being able to continue holding his lie and this leads him to a discomfort to a stressful point, this happens because by not wanting to assume or face the situation, he chooses to continue lying, one lie will always lead to another and that is how that vicious circle is created from which the liar can never get out. On the other hand, the deceived person or the victim of the lie suffers, because it is difficult for him to accept the betrayal, the deception, the lies and he falls into absolute disappointment, this is the most painful thing that can happen to a person who entrusted everything to build A relationship.

Lying or telling the truth

Between lying or telling the truth there will always be a decision, this should be the most assertive possible, and in the best of all cases you should choose to tell the truth, it will always be easier to face a painful truth than a white lie. This is because the pain of the truth will be momentary, but the effect of the lie could destroy or kill everything in its path. No one is exempt from lying, at some point in life and in some situation someone has had to hide something, lie or cheat, but the ideal would be not to fall into practice, lying is addictive in many cases and this leads the person to act in automatic mode, so much so that on occasions he has lied so unconsciously and by the time he realized it he has not been able to go back.

To avoid lying to others, it is important to learn to be honest with yourself first. Many times we fall into the mistake of lying in unimportant situations, or perhaps making a joke, but that leads us to add credits against, the practice of lying kills trust not only in love, but also friendship and reputation. It is better to avoid lying for the good of the relationship, of the couple, of harmony in the home and for the construction of a healthy love. Bearing in mind that only the truth makes us truly free

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