Today we bring you ten very important things that you should change while you are still young. Before being older adults we only think about the present, about what we are living in now. We live without thinking about what may happen tomorrow, much less in the long term, we only focus on having fun and enjoying today.

The problem arises when our youth is going away and we become older adults, in many cases remorse, disappointment and disappointment will invade our being, for not having taken advantage of our youth by doing many other things perhaps more useful for our future, for then, only the memories of that stage remain.

Now, react and break the chain, the vicious circle and start changing these ten things:

1.- Do not make an effort in studies:

As students we must put effort into school, or into studying, because our future depends to a great extent on it. So even if external people, like your parents, ask you to study, you should do it for yourself and for your own motivation.

If you don’t go to school to go do other things, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to receive an academic education, there are many people in the world who would like to have that possibility and unfortunately do not have it, and others who simply do not take advantage of it and therefore regret it in the future.

2.- Keep a job you hate:

Having a job where we have a very good monetary remuneration but we don’t feel good, or at ease, is of no use to us. Having a job that hates us is something exhausting, that consumes us little by little, life becomes a daily stress.

If you are looking for a job, lean towards the options that suit you, something that you like and are passionate about. If what you do makes you happy, you are on the right track, but if it is the opposite, you should consider getting a new job.

3.- Shut up what you think and feel:

Not expressing what we feel and think is something that also harms us, remaining silent in the face of what does not seem right or unfair, in the long run will produce that feeling of guilt for having been able to help someone or change a situation and have repressed ourselves to do it So express your opinions, always in a respectful way, without harming anyone.

4.- Wanting to please everyone:

This is a bad habit of many, they believe that because everyone likes them they will be more accepted or better seen and it is not like that. As an individual you should not repeat what others do. Not everyone will always like us or act the way they want. When you do something, do it of your own free will and not to please or please others.

5.- Not learning new languages:

Expanding our vocabulary is always a positive thing, learning another language is too. Our brain needs to acquire knowledge, and what better way to do that than to learn another language. Many times people put up obstacles when they go to know other countries and when they reach old age they constantly repeat that if they had learned that language they would have worked in that country or place. So if you are still young it is time to learn a new language, if you do not have the possibilities to pay for a course or institute, take advantage of the advantages that the Internet gives us.

On sites like YouTube there are hundreds of tutorials to learn languages, from the most basic to the most advanced, so enough excuses and start learning.

6.- Do not travel:

Traveling is one of the most incredible experiences you could live, knowing places you always wanted to visit and customs different from yours is something you will never forget. Do it now, travel as much as you can in the time you have, also traveling is a good way to release stress and a good investment.

7.- Not talking to your parents:

When we are young or adolescents, we see the elderly, especially our parents, as authoritarian people who only want to do their will at all costs without understanding our wishes and without thinking about what we want, but this is not necessarily the case.

Parents always think about our well-being and that is why they take certain attitudes. As young people we have many questions and fears and many times our parents may be the best ones to talk about it.

Take advantage of the fact that you have your parents and talk to them, it will also make them very happy to know that you trust them and they will be willing to help. The day they are no longer there, it will be too late and it won’t do any good to regret not having taken advantage of the moments with them.

8.- Being afraid of everything:

It is normal to feel fear, but we cannot allow it to take over us. You can lose or waste many things because you are afraid, which you will regret later. Face your fears and overcome them, even if it doesn’t work out, you would be overcoming the fear of failing.

He who does not risk does not win, so keep going and learn from your mistakes.

9.- Not living your dreams:

All human beings dream of something, and those dreams are usually the reason for our effort to achieve them. If you think you won’t be able to fulfill your dream, surely you won’t or you will. Dream big and work for it and don’t let failure defeat you.

10.- Keep a grudge:

Being spiteful does not bring us anything beneficial. We can never be happy with that feeling towards that person. Leave behind those grudges that only wear us down and shorten our lives, you will live in a healthier way.

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