In life there are always surprises, which can often be bad and other times can be good, but the important thing is that we must always be prepared for that and once the day is over, be aware and thank for ending up alive, having another opportunity to admire again the beauty of the things that surround us. Incredibly, most of us have a closed mind, so to speak, but if we stopped to look in detail at what the universe offers us, we would find great opportunities and wonderful places to discover, it is up to each one of us to carry out this research work. .

The task is simple, but not easy, you have to propose to open your mind. You should always keep in mind that experiencing different things can change the way you see the world or what you expect from life. Einstein once said:  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results .” This phrase could describe at some point the life of each one, the setbacks we have and the changes we want, but that never come, because we do not know how to adapt and we insist on doing the same thing that brought us here. In the face of adversity, the important thing is to be strong and not give up, be aware that there are people in the world who experience worse pain, both physically and mentally, and come out ahead.

It doesn’t matter where we come from, how old we are or what we do, all of us have the opportunity to do something different, to change the face of our life, to start over and guess what… it’s never too late! The point is to get excited, take the bull by the horns and head for something different, with determination and goal-oriented. Taking that first step is the fundamental stone to find the life that we really want to have and deserve. We all have something to give, a gift, a mission to be discovered, Before starting this fight, we must be mentally prepared as a first point, since reaching the goal, reaching an objective at a professional, financial, personal, spiritual level, requires always a lot of sacrifice, discipline and also consistency. As the phrase says “A drop breaks the stone not by its force, but because of his perseverance. In life you have to be constant, patient and optimistic in order to reach the goal.

This is precisely the mistake that many people fall into, they live dreaming of a way of life in a certain way, for example how they want their relationship to be, what business they want to have, what profession they want to embrace, etc. But they forget or give up on their dreams when working long hours, or spending sleepless nights having to study. In short, if we want to achieve important things, we must take action, a goal without an action plan is simply an expression of desires.

DON’T GIVE UP , never do it, keep in mind that the world is for people who take risks. So you must believe in yourself and no one else. The most important thing is to pursue your dreams at all costs, otherwise you will always have the doubt of whether you would have achieved it or not. Giving up what you want is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a human being, giving up your dreams is giving up yourself, your essence, life.

Believe me that it is worth facing life face to face and tell it to throw at us all the challenges you want, that each one of them will be overcome with all the corresponding courage. Let’s face it, nobody said that achieving goals and living well was something easy, and in fact it is not at all. There will always be, pezos, difficulties and painful moments. But instead of sitting down, holding your head and lamenting how difficult life has become, see the difficulty as a challenge, as a step that brings you closer as part of a teaching and try to overcome each challenge that comes your way. . Once you go through stages, you will see how interesting and exciting life becomes.

Once again let me mentalize you about the bad moments that may arise. Why is it important to be mentally prepared? Because in a stage of change there is no specific level of difficulty with which we can face and overcome it calmly. Quite complicated moments can arise, so complicated that they can end up making us believe that there is no other way out, making us lose mental and physical strength, thus allowing us to quickly give up what we have set out to achieve. But that is the moment where we must show courage and draw strength from where there are none, to move forward in search of reaching the goal, giving up is not an option. On every path there will always be difficulties, some easy to overcome and others that seem impossible. Always keep this detail in mind.

Nor is it the case to despair over the difficult moments that may come in this process of change. Not everything is bad, also in this process you will find moments of happiness and satisfaction, since the change that you are experiencing will take place progressively, and as you notice it, you will have more and more desire and more strength to continue fighting.

That is the moment where you will realize that what seemed impossible, is becoming a reality. And keep fighting for that moment of light, which is what will guide you to the success you seek.

Remember this, it is not that you should live fighting, simply one of the main secrets is to find meaning in life, find a purpose. Always be grateful for one more day, for having that opportunity to continue traveling the path in search of your path. Not everyone enjoys the luck of living to old age. So take advantage, enjoy and be thankful for one more day! It’s just a matter of attitude…..

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