A look can say much more than it seems. In this article I analyze how to use it to seduce men or women.

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  • 1 How to seduce a man with your eyes
    • 1.1 Some tricks to seduce a man with your eyes
  • 2 How to seduce a woman with your eyes
    • 2.1 Steps to seduce a woman with your eyes

How to seduce a man with your eyes

It is possible that most men do not notice a woman’s gaze at first… however, a woman can use it to win over a man and pave a direct path to his heart.

Seducing with your eyes is a very fun game in which both of us are going to enjoy as long as we know how to do it the right way. I want to help you do it and for this reason I have prepared a small list of tricks that will come in handy to achieve it.

Some tricks to seduce a man with your eyes

The perfect makeup:  Makeup will help us achieve our goal. We need eyes that are really capable of making a difference; We will take care of enhancing all our features so that this man, the moment he sets his sights on us, cannot stop looking at us.

It is true that it is not necessary to use makeup 100% of the time to attract a man… however, thanks to that we will increase the chances that we have to achieve it. 

Seduction game:  Don’t stare at him as if you were stunned; the idea is that you give him a seductive look from time to time as denoting interest but encouraging him to have to be the one who earns the opportunity to be by your side.

You can always indicate with your eyes to come closer but always in a subtle way, so that he does not know if you have really indicated it so that he is not sure.

Practice:  Don’t get discouraged if the first time doesn’t go as well as you thought. Keep practicing and you will realize how that man soon falls at your feet.

With these tips you will be able to transmit looks that fall in love and nobody is going to resist you.

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How to seduce a woman with your eyes

This is something we have seen in many movies and it is so successful in them that we even doubt whether it is true or not. The truth is that our eyes are a powerful ally to be able to satisfy any type of woman… however, to do it correctly, it is necessary to follow a series of steps.

You have to know that looking at a woman without stopping, without any kind of plan, is usually counterproductive because the moment you know that she is interested, she can ignore you.

Below I have prepared some steps for you to learn how to seduce with your eyes.

Steps to seduce a woman with your eyes

The mirror trick:  Before a woman can consider your look attractive, you have to do it yourself. We recommend that you practice about 20 minutes in front of the mirror until you get your best look. She tries to convey, not just look him in the eye. Also, don’t reveal any emotion, we don’t want this woman to know our intentions beforehand. 

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Intensity:  You can try to combine a trivial look with an intense one. This is something that will cost you to put into practice but I tell you that you can achieve it if you practice a lot. This can be combined with a somewhat mysterious look to achieve total attraction on the part of the woman. 

Uses:  You have to know that this technique will not always work for you; normally it will do it in those places where you cannot communicate in another way (for example, in a disco where the sound is very loud or any other similar type of situation).

Once you have it in front of you, don’t forget the look but deploy your communication techniques to achieve the desired effect.

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