Gone are the times when the happiness of couples was simply linked to their own intimacy, to the way of living their relationship without resorting to anyone’s opinion. The difference between being and appearing was not as present as it is today. Since the expansion of social networks, in recent years, we live a kind of permanent exhibition where couples meet in the great window of the Internet, like someone who participates in a game and it seems that to continue in the race it is essential to have the approval of others.

As if to exist it was necessary to collect as many likes as possible, otherwise we do not exist.

It is normal that when we are happy about something that happens to us, that we achieve, we want to share that moment of joy, or at least leave a memory of it on the networks. It is also likely that we do not have certain friends or relatives nearby and this is a way of bringing them closer to part of that moment, unforgettable for us.

When you cross the thin line that separates joy from giving news or sharing a fact, and what you do is share absolutely everything in search of that necessary approval of others, then something is not quite right.

It is good to understand that the approval of others is not a mandatory condition to be happy in a relationship.

The satisfaction, the realization of love, the joy produced by the tests overcome in the couple are part of our intimacy as a couple, it affects us, but no one else. The measure of happiness is not in the number of posts or selfies you take with your partner.

Let’s shed some light on this topic

When we are not convinced of something, we look for others to validate it. It is perhaps an unconscious action. We don’t need it, nobody needs it.

Even so, it is likely that there is some problem within the couple, and in that case, you are looking for others to make you feel, through your posts, what you need to feel with their likes: that everything is fine, that they form a beautiful couple, they are the perfect ideal. That is enough to make you feel happy.

It is not the solution. The problems you have with your partner will continue to exist even with the number of likes and comments you receive on your photos. The underlying problems, your insecurity, your restlessness, everything that makes you doubt in your relationship you must solve with your partner. Only you know what you need. Your relationship is not a reality show that needs the public’s vote to lose or win the competition!

When your relationship is stable and you feel happy, you don’t resort so much to the networks

You are not so aware of social networks when your relationship is a harmonious relationship, where things are in the place and to the extent that they should be.

It does not mean that you never check your notifications, you just do it without obsessing, you take occasional photos or because it is an event that deserves it, but not permanently, it is not that it is frequent or obsessive.

When your life is stable and happy, you don’t think so much about transferring your emotions to the networks.

Just as if you were on top of a ring, there are couples who use the networks to resolve their personal problems, and the people who participate do so with an impetus similar to that of a boxing set. Nothing more demeaning than that for you. A couple never resolved their crisis by treating it on their profile. The only thing that high exposure achieves is to expose you and generate a deep crack in that problem that, if it was already serious, maybe you will make it even more so.

Completely unnecessary. High exposure does not speak well of you, but rather exposes your flaws, your weaknesses, your insecure personality by not showing yourself capable of solving your life without others intervening. Only you and your partner will know how to settle your issues.

Nothing like having a coffee with him and leaving everything that bothers them on the table.

The validation of your relationship is a matter of two

Brag about being happy, being with someone, no one is more interested than you. It is of no use to you, it will not give you the key to eternal happiness. The fact that others are or are not happy with your relationship does not subtract or add authenticity to the love they have for each other.

The construction of your relationship only depends on the two of you. No external factor is free to influence what you decide as a couple.

Demonstrate for what?

There is something you have to keep in mind: you are not together to show the world that you love each other, you are together because you feel good sharing one with the other, because it makes you happy to be who you are when you are with him and what happens to him same with you Do not forget.

Do you really believe that the search for happiness requires the validation of social networks? If your relationship is stable and you live it in harmony, just live it, that others do not know beyond the essentials of you.

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