Did you know that men fall in love differently than women? Well yes, so that you know well, look at the following 6 differences in love for a man and a woman, you may be in for a big surprise. Surely, you sensed it, not only because of the differences that are clearly seen in the movies, but also because of certain conversations that you may have had with your partners or even in your group of friends. We all have a different perspective on love. Among the perspectives that are most often shown in the media are: the fairy tale, Prince Charming, whether it is a love story from afar or a love story with excess drama (Romeo and Juliet style).

In general, the way we see and experience love and interpersonal relationships varies from person to person, even more so between men and women. Taking these differences into account may prevent us from having conflicts with our partners, since at the end of the day, it is important to put on the table, what does love mean to us individually and as a couple? To give you a more complete idea, psychologist Nikki Martinez says: “Men and women are programmed very differently. Women are more emotional and intellectualize more love. Women can eventually love someone they weren’t initially attracted to, once they get to know him better. Men need the opposite.” So get out a pen and paper and write down the following 6 differences in love for a man and a woman:

What is more important, the physical or the feelings?

According to a study conducted by Medicis Aesthetics, where 1000 men and women were asked: What is most important to them when meeting a person? It was discovered that, although appearance matters for both sexes, physical attraction is much more important for men! Surprise!

“Men are initially attracted to a woman based on a physical connection and then come to love a person. They don’t feel love for someone before they feel attraction,” says Martinez. “Obviously yes, it is possible to see a more beautiful woman after getting to know her well, but what will always attract her attention first is her appearance.”

Who are the most impulsive?

When a man finds a woman attractive, they generally don’t want to waste time and prefer to get to the point, which is why they want to move quickly in their relationship. Men by nature tend to act very impulsively. While women are the ones who look analytically and cautiously for ways to approach men. They also mostly (although not all) hope to perform subtle techniques that make men take the initiative. In general, there is still a dominant thought that the man should be the first to approach.

Who are more passionate?

Family therapist Esther Boykin notes: “Research suggests that men’s perspectives on love often focus on the passionate aspects of being in love, rather than the emotional stability and supportive aspects. It’s easy to dismiss men as lustful, but love is multifaceted, and being drawn to passion doesn’t make a man’s love any less true or meaningful.” For women, passion is a consequence of emotional aspects and aspects of support and intimacy that exist in the relationship. Which is not to say that they feel less passionate, just that, in general, it has to do with how they feel in the relationship and how they felt during the pre-bed date.

¿Diversion o no?

We all agree that fun is important to a relationship. That a man makes a woman laugh, he can make her feel attracted to her at some point.

The same can happen with men, if they are with someone with whom they can have fun and feel comfortable, relaxed and calm, they can develop feelings of infatuation towards women.

A bond of attraction will also be created, which over time will allow them to share their feelings in the long run. So, we came to a conclusion that yes, fun is important for love. And it is the door, for greater intimacy and strength in the relationship. A share of humor in the face of problems, never hurts.

Who is more reserved with their feelings? Psychologist Nikki Martinez comments that, in most cases, men take longer to express their feelings verbally and emotionally than women, and they often wait until they feel safe in the relationship to say so. Women, on the other hand, avoid negative interactions and show their affection in other ways. Although men may be more reserved about expressing their emotions verbally, they can usually express their feelings through concrete actions.

Love you?

According to the study conducted by Medicis Aesthetics, men say “I love you” 70% sooner than women. “The difference in willingness to be open and expressive about love with a partner can happen for a variety of reasons, including the high likelihood that a man will assess his partner’s sexual interests as indicative of an emotional connection,” Boykin says. “Men see their partner’s sexual desire as a sign of physical and emotional attraction, which makes the proclamation of their love less risky from an emotional point of view.” What do you think of the differences that we present to you? Did you feel identified with any?

In conclusion, beyond what we can present based on studies, on the differences that exist between men and women, if you are in a relationship or plan to be, it is important that at some point the subject of what it means for each one the love and that they build the meaning together.

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