The author of the unauthorized biography of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel, revealed that he is suffering from an illness that could quickly take him away from what he likes to do most, go on stage to sing. Claudia De Icaza is the name of the person who has brought to light the artist’s health situation. Well, she mentioned that the disease is a bad hearing that causes certain inconveniences in tuning it, and even on stage.

In an interview for the Mexican magazine TVyNovelas, the writer anticipated that Luis Miguel is practically in the final stage of his career as a result of this problem: “he has little time left in his career, because he has a very severe problem with his ear. He’s freaking out on stage because he’s got a buzz for life. He has an extraordinary voice, but it has started to get out of tune.”

On the other hand, De Icaza also added that Sol de Mexico previously could control this inconvenience, but that now it is practically uncontrollable: “he always took care of those details because he has been very perfectionist, but today he is already lost in a scenario for the matter of his hearing”.

A few days ago an event happened that motivated the writer to reveal what was happening with the artist. It is precisely the video of one of his last performances that has gone viral, because in it Luis Miguel is seen very upset with the sound technicians, who assisted the singer in one of his concerts in Mexico. As is known by many, in each of his concerts the performer usually throws white roses at the attendees, but at a given moment he interrupted that ritual, looked at the sound technicians and then forcefully threw one of the flowers at them.

It is not the first time that the media has talked about Luis Miguel’s hearing health, in fact it is something that has been talked about lately, because apparently it is becoming more and more noticeable. In relation to this issue, earlier this year, the Mexican newspaper El Universal revealed that the singer could suffer from a disease called Tinnitus.

According to the information released by the portal specialized in health information MedlinePlus, Tinnitus is normally described as a ringing in the ears, although it can also sound like a click, a whistle. This disease can manifest itself soft or strong, acute or low. On the other hand, people with this disease may have symptoms in one or both ears at the same time. According to what this site mentions, people with severe tinnitus can have difficulty hearing, working and even sleeping.

There are several causes that lead to this problem, among them are exposure to loud noises, heart or vascular problems, and even brain tumors. In the case of people who sing, this problem is very common, since they are constantly exposed to loud sounds for a long time, when they make their presentations in public.

So far, a specific cure for this condition is unknown, but the symptoms can be reduced through the use of hearing aids, placing a graft inside the ear or with certain acoustic-neuronal stimulation.

Luis Miguel’s days are numbered

“He’s going crazy on stage. He has little time left in his career.” An angry Luis Miguel angrily throws a white rose at his sound engineer. Apparently he was not doing a good job. But the truth is another. Mexico’s ear of the sun would be in danger, and that’s fine Journalist Claudia de Icaza knows this, author of the unauthorized biography of the singer and who sentences… that it is the end of Luis Miguel. Follow us on our YouTube channel:

Posted by iconos on Monday, October 29, 2018

From now on, the big question is what awaits Luis Miguel? So far the future is uncertain in relation to his career, however, many fans want El Sol to continue delighting them with his music.

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