The Sun did throw a car into the sea, but it was not as they say in the series.

It is clear to us that Luis Miguel the series has become THE topic of conversation and even a hunt to find the original photos and videos of the Sun. Moreover, fans are verifying every detail that appears in the production of Netflix and Telemundo to then share it on social networks. If you missed chapter 5 of the series, we warn you that we will tell a little about what happened.

One of the scenes that we thought would cause the most impact was when Luis Miguel, Donkey and fan Fabiola end up in the sea, after Mickey and Donkey challenge each other to some “race” in Acapulco, and Mickey decides not to stop before the containment mesh and the three end up in the sea.

Well, that story did happen… halfway.

This week he “revived” an interview that Esteban Arce did to Burro Van Rankin in 2013, in which Luismi’s friend recounts that day that Mickey threw a car into the sea. It happened in the Acapulco house of businessman Miguel Aleman Magnani.

“In Miguel Aleman’s house there was a slope of stones that led to where they put the boat, he jumped and put it in the sea,” El Burro said with a laugh. But that was not the only thing revealed by the driver. It turns out that Mickey had another accident, in which Thalia was injured.

“We went to dinner and, on the way back, we came through Las Flores and suddenly there was a speed bump, I stopped and Luis Miguel – who knows what he had been doing – crashed into the back of my car (…) The air bags came out and Thalia, with blood on her nose, (was) crying”, narrated Donkey.

The success of the series

The series on the life of Luis Miguel has made Netflix subscribers give up watching an entire season in one night and instead have to wait for the weekly delivery of each of the episodes. But they take it in a good way because the drama, the music and the beginnings of “Sol de Mexico”, as the interpreter is known, have been full of controversy and stories of the 1980s, forgotten by some, remembered by others, and ignored by the younger generations. Co-produced by Netflix and Telemundo, the series features Diego Boneta as the protagonist as he recounts the youth and artistic rise of the singer, involved in love relationships, family and professional conflicts, and continuous tension.

The production

The joint work between Telemundo and Netflix took pains to transcend a “novel” format to opt for that of a dramatic series, with valuable details in the production design. From the selection of Diego Boneta in the role, as the costumes and scenery, Luis Miguel, the series, takes viewers to the same time in the life of the singer. And for those who are too young to live in that historical period, they can see the details and precision of the artist’s youth and everything that surrounds him.

real characters

What show magazines say, but in a performance. The —so far— five episodes have shown a variety of characters with names that some may not have remembered were linked to the life of Luis Miguel. From the parents of the musician, Luis Rey and Marcela Basteri, to his love affair with Stephany Salas or Mariana Yazbek, and the intervention of the filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and the actor Roberto Palazuelos. Those are some of the names, although they are used in the series fictitious. And those that remain to be mentioned… The controversy The story behind the myth. “Mickey”, since he was a child, captivated thousands of people in Mexico and the region, but that success was marked by family and personal problems, which eventually transcended the professional level.

That is perhaps the great doubt that chapter by chapter are resolved in the series. The harmful relationship of his father, Luis Rey; the tragic interaction with his mother, Marcela Basteri; and bumpy rise to fame, involved in a variety of love relationships. The most recent chapter reflected on his problems with alcohol and how he almost killed a fan.

The music

But Luis Miguel is also known, mainly, for music. The unconditional, Soft, When the sun is hot, Love (Love, Love, Love) and even a Christmas album…

Luis Miguel’s voice, with that superb style, is a regular on radio stations in the region. So much so that, since the series premiere, Spotify streams of the artist’s tracks have increased by 64%, while Guilty or Not has seen a 4,000% increase.

It should be clarified that in the series, the themes were recorded again by Diego Boneta, although it is something that Luis Miguel himself has seen in a good way.

Luis Miguel

His father is Spanish; his mother, Italian and was born in Puerto Rico. Even so, Luis Miguel is considered the “Sun of Mexico”. From that country he traced an extremely successful career that led him to stand out in South America and Spain. The life of the artist has been involved in controversy. Discussions on social networks and entertainment programs is the proof. He is one of the most recognized singers. The series wants to discover the most intimate secrets of “Mickey”, a living character who has now become a trend again.

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