Luis Miguel’s father is undoubtedly one of the most hated of the moment and all thanks to how he is represented in the biographical series of the Sun, which is all the rage around the world. He knows more about the villain of the moment in this note.

He is perhaps the most hated fictional character in Latin America. All this after practically stealing the show in the super successful series that tells the turbulent and moving life story of Luis Miguel, the greatest Latin song idol in history. The man, who died in 1992, is a huge and authentic media phenomenon. Coming, going and sovereign collective indignation included. Luis Gallego or better known as Luisito Rey is the villain of the moment. The father of the sun, met fame again, unexpectedly 25 years after his death: the series about the life of what would be the greatest idol of Latin song, where, played by Oscar Jaenada, he is simply the most hated man of the moment .

Luisito was born in Cadiz on June 28, 1945, his parents were Rafael Gallego Rey and Matilde Sanchez Repiso. In the 1970s he had a very brief run of success and popularity as a singer, most notably as a romantic ballad artist and guitarist. In addition, the musician participated in contests in Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. In 1969, Luisito married Marcela Basteri, an Italian actress and former model. During the first months of their marriage, both emigrated to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in search of a better artistic future. It is there where his eldest son Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri was born on April 19, 1970.

The family eventually moved to Veracruz, the family settled and took root in Mexico after his failure as an artist, Gallego presented his son Luis Migue, who would end up being a world star like Latin America had never seen born.

His first appearance on Mexican television was in March 1980, through his brother Mario, who was a friend of Arturo Durazo, the chief of police at the time. This is how Luis Miguel’s career officially began, Luisito became his representative and his uncle Mario his personal assistant.

The Serie

What makes it very interesting is that it is the biography authorized by the same mega star of music, that is to say that it has the endorsement of Luis Miguel, this is his version of the story. In the series, the abuses that she committed on her son during his childhood and adolescence are evident. They are shown every week in 55-minute episodes. The script is based and sustained on narrations that the same interpreter has shared with the producers of the series, as well as on books and journalistic investigations that have investigated its hermetic and fascinating history for years.

This, of course, is not the only reason why the most hated pope has become a huge media phenomenon. A few other reasons, below.

Among the most nefarious abuses that Luis Miguel went through, between the ages of 10 and 18, are:

Luisito saw in his son’s extraordinary talent an inexhaustible machine for making money. – Having exploited him to the point that he took him out of school in the fourth grade of primary school to start working full time

– Offer it to businessmen for concerts, tours, movies and appearances without rest or taking into account that it was just a boy

– Supplying him with ephedrine, a drug that serves to give him energy so that he does not stop doing shows – Having induced him into the world of other more terrible vices and, as if that were not enough, having even stolen 20 million dollars that his pulse trembles before the possibility that the singer, his own son, was sentenced to jail for tax evasion. – Perhaps the most serious: Rumors indicate that he would have to do directly with the mysterious disappearance of the ‘Sun’s’ mother, the Italian model Marcela Basteri, a fact that definitively marked Luis Miguel. All the evil that seems like a movie, then, leads the public to react negatively towards Luisito Rey.

Another factor that has positioned Luisito Rey as an iconic villain in popular culture is the extraordinary work that Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada does by putting himself in the shoes of the hateful Luisito Rey. Because to be honest, if it weren’t for the soap operas and a thousand adventures related to the loves of Luis Miguel or the disturbing mystery related to the mother, almost almost the figure of the singer’s demanding father steals the show. Luisito Rey embodies the typical villain of the traditional soap opera with the addition that this is a non-fiction biographical series. He is the villain that was seen long ago on Latin TV. “The telenovela villains are memorable not only because of the evil they did, but because they end up being punished and the end in real life of Luisito Rey has not been the best

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