When women want to conquer or make a man fall in love, one of the greatest skills we can have is to use language in our favor. Although at times, we feel that words are not our best friends, because perhaps we want to talk to our lover too much and yet our creativity is lacking and therefore, sometimes we have no idea what kind of message to send. or we end up thinking that all our messages are unfunny. So today we will introduce you to some conquest phrases that cannot be missing from your repertoire. You can use them to express what you feel verbally or virtually.


This is a phrase that contains too much tenderness, so your heartthrob will undoubtedly melt. It is a rhetorical question, where it stands out, on the one hand, that you require his presence and, on the other, that he makes you very happy. It can also be taken as one more way you can say “I miss you” or “I miss you”. Phrases that you probably say too much and even feel that they are “worn out” or that they no longer mean something special, because they have become a routine.


With this phrase you are telling him that in addition to being his partner, you are his friend and confidant. You can give her the confidence to trust you, regardless of what happens with her relationship. This will make her have a greater opening with you and she will feel that she can reveal even her most intimate secrets. So that he does not make a mistake, show him that together they can be a good team, where both can contribute to maintain a good relationship.

This phrase will make your man feel very secure in the relationship and therefore probably feel free to be much more attentive and concerned about you than before.


There is nothing better than letting our partner know that we trust him. According to studies, it is proven that when men feel that their partners support them, they tend to put much more effort into the relationship and therefore have much more mature, long-lasting and healthy relationships. Another change that men have when they know that women trust them is that oxytocin levels rise, so as this is the hormone that increases feelings of love and intimacy, they make your man feel momentarily more in love with you than usual. Take advantage of this phrase also to motivate him, if your man has a hard time having faith in himself, and as a result of this he has had a hard time finding motivation or will to achieve some of his goals.


It is good that if you see that your man cares about his physique, that you highlight that in addition to aspects of the personality that you may find attractive. If you see that, for example, he fixed his hair differently, cut his beard or if he put on a new shirt, then it’s time for you to give him credit and give him an honorable mention. With this habit, you will automatically be helping him to increase his ego, making him feel much fuller, safer and more stable. In addition, you are reinforcing the habit that he grooms himself and takes care of himself physically.


It is common that sometimes men have difficulties to share certain experiences that happened to them in life, because they probably think they are thinking about topics that do not interest you. If you don’t trust him enough, then chances are he won’t touch you either. So if you think that what he has to say could be relevant to you in the future, then it is best to ask him in a good way to tell you what is happening to him. With this, he will feel directly attracted to tell you what happened, be it good or bad, in addition to the fact that it is important that you actually listen and understand it.

If at any time he confesses to you that what he told you, he has not told anyone else, then you must honor his trust and not tell other people. On the contrary, if you are one of the people who cannot keep the secret, then you may have serious problems for this. Since no man likes to feel betrayed.


The fact that you are a grateful woman is one of the characteristics that men like the most. So every time he makes a gesture that expresses kindness, then try to thank him with a smile for everything he does, regardless of how small the gesture is. Show him that you appreciate the details and that you realize that he is making an effort to be good in the relationship.

Now that we have reached the end of commenting on all the magic words that could make a man crazy about you, we really hope that they have served you well, that they have stimulated your creativity to talk with your partner and that finally, you can build a relationship full of intimacy. , passion and camaraderie.

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