Male masturbation helps the man to discover himself sexually, to know his own body, knowing how to obtain greater pleasure. Despite what you may think, there are many techniques for masturbation in men, and we wanted to bring you in this guide those that are most often used, and that are not only focused on the individual pleasure of the boy, but also It can also be used to drive your man crazy, pleasantly surprising him with a good manual job that will make him climax in a very creative way.

tower technique

In this technique, both hands come into play, and it is necessary for the experience to be as pleasant as possible, a little oil so that the penis is much more lubricated. What you should do is first, pass a hand from the glans to the base and when this hand is reaching the lower area, you should place the other hand on the glans and do exactly the same thing, over and over again. Many experts in male masturbation techniques also know it as the rope, since the erect member can simulate a rope and it goes up slowly. Depending on the moment you find, you can massage more gently or, on the contrary, press something more and make him go crazy with pleasure.

squeezing oranges

One of the most original masturbation techniques is the juicer. With her you will experience a very different sensation, you will be able to play much more and discover in a way that you did not have in mind the pleasure that your penis can give you. To be able to masturbate with this technique you must use both hands like the previous one. One of them is going to be placed in the body of your member, well held and grabbing, protruding from it the glans. With the other hand we will begin to massage the glans , being able, on the one hand, to use the palm of the hand, moving it from one side to the other or also taking it with two fingers and turning very gently. The sensation is very pleasant, and even if your partner does it to you, you will freak him out with this type of technique.

The flute

This form of male masturbation can be useful both as a couple and alone, although if your partner does it, it can be much more fun and pleasurable. To practice it, what you have to do is place your hands on the erect member and start tapping with the fingertips. This massage will stimulate you pleasantly, making you enjoy the sensation a lot, but delaying the moment of orgasm. In the case of practicing it with the couple. You can enjoy this technique in the same way that we have just described, although you can also, with one hand, massage the penis, while, with the other, you caress or grab the testicles, since it is an area that sometimes they forget but that it is also important to stimulate and that it is very fun to play with them. As a climax, the couple can introduce the glans in their mouth while massaging the penis in this way, moving the tongue over the glans to cause much more pleasure.


This technique is very intense, although it can be done at different speeds if desired. In the first place, we have to keep in mind the way in which a fire is usually lit in the countryside or in the mountains when you don’t have a lighter, that is, by rubbing a stick, being on this occasion, the penis what you will have to rub with both hands. In the event that the male masturbation technique that we are describing, do it yourself. You can pick up the pace however you like, starting slow and then fast or applying different pressure points. This will make the sensation much more pleasant and in the same way different from what you have known before. In the event that you want to surprise your partner and that is why you are reading this guide, it is surely one of the most surprising and liked, although you should be very careful not to hurt yourself with sudden turns, it is highly advisable to use some type of massage oil so that the penis is well lubricated and the palms of the hands rub the member without risks. As we explained in “The Flute”, you can do these movements while you kiss or lick your partner’s glans,


This technique can only be performed with the help of your partner and may pleasantly surprise you. It must be said that, to practice it, you must have trust with your partner, since, otherwise, it can become a somewhat strange sensation, so it is recommended that you enjoy it as long as between the two members feel comfortable or want to play. The technique consists of, with one or even both hands, grasping the man’s penis as if it were a microphone, and start singing with him. The important thing is that it is done close, because the vibrations of the voice reach the glans, and especially the frenulum and that sensation, in addition to that of cold-heat, is very pleasant. On the other hand, there are some erotic products that help improve this sensation, such as lipsticks with a hot or cold effect, depending on what you want the person to feel, and can become a musical sensation.


To improve any male masturbation technique, it is important to know the sensations that your body has, as well as to encourage different ones. If you always use the same form of masturbation, you will not know what you are missing, so whether you are experimenting with your body , or if you are with your partner, enjoy any sensation or fantasy to the fullest. Try to cover your eyes with a blindfold and only listen to your partner’s voice while she works with your member, or even if you are alone at home, try listening to, for example, the audio of an erotic video, but without viewing it , just listening.

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