All women want to make our man have a good time during sexual intercourse, which is why below we present tips on how to touch the perineum area. So if you want to learn about him, we will start by saying that it is an area that is not very well known and that probably, for that reason, will give you an advantage compared to all the other women, who do not even know about him. and less, they have the necessary practice to make it work effectively.

The perineum is a part of the male reproductive system that for many is a mystery or a taboo, which is why it tends to generate fear and rejection, mainly due to the lack of knowledge about it. In fact, you could have spent much of your sex life without knowing about it, because it is not something that is discussed in a cafe or bar with friends and it is not something that men generally comment on.

Although being able to touch the perineum can be something pleasurable for men and that can cause them a certain level of excitement, it is necessary that we know how to do it in the correct way and always respecting the preferences and disposition of the man to whom it is performed. we are doing. There are many who will not agree at first or who may not dare to try this. That is why it is essential that it be a topic that is discussed calmly before arriving at practice.

Since this is most likely one of your first times hearing about the perineum, then you may be a bit curious and want to know more about it and how to touch it to get your partner to peak arousal, then we encourage you to read the following tips we have for you.

We are going to start by emphasizing that the perineum is the analog to the G-spot that women have. It is true that in general, as women, we have always been used to paying more attention to the penis and to a lesser degree to the testicles. And in almost no case do we know about the existence of the perineum, since the penis is like the star, because it is the one that enters through our vagina and it is the protagonist when performing oral sex, so it is like It is believed that knowing about this is enough, but in reality it is necessary to include the perineum in our mix of sexuality.

In general there is a lot of information about the penis, but it is good to consider that the man’s G-spot is really in the prostate. The exact place is below the bladder and a little behind the testicles. In order to be able to stimulate the area well, you have to know how to press on the perineum area, which is located between the middle of the anus and the testicles.

There are several experts who have studied the subject and who agree that the perineum area has the potential to cause quite a bit of pleasure. From the biological point of view, it can be noted that it is an area that has a good number of nerve endings, and therefore is very sensitive to touch. Test it!

As we already mentioned, the perineum is a part that is located near the anus. It is worth mentioning that a large percentage of men who fear receiving love in that area. Generally, this happens because they are not used to it and they may have some taboos and prejudices.

In this regard, we have all heard some of the comments that refer to mixing this act with the sexual orientation that some men have. This does not have any scientific evidence, it is only where men have their G-spot and it is not related in any way to changing the sexual orientation they originally had.

Regarding the above, it is considered very important to respect the will that each person has, for the same reason, it is necessary that your beau agrees to try new things like this. In addition, we must take advantage of the fact that women have a sixth sense to know if our man likes what we are doing to him or not, then take this advantage by stimulating this area, so you can tell if he likes it. or not. You can do it with your tongue or with light touches with your fingers, always observing his reactions and asking for feedback whenever necessary.

Another slightly more intense way is to gently and slowly insert a finger into the anus. To prove this, it is essential that you are in a position where you can clearly hear what he is saying and also be able to tell how he feels. It should also be noted that it is better that the finger is lubricated to make penetration easier.

The trick to do this in the most correct way, that is, that you manage to stimulate and generate pleasure in the perineum area, is to insert your finger as slowly as possible, so that you can have a correct communication with your partner and knowing if he is interested in this type of sexual experience. At the same time, it must be a process of getting used to it, it is unlikely that you will be able to insert the whole finger in the first time. Also, this is not the goal, what you have to look for is the point of excitement of your partner and stimulate it, regardless of how much the finger enters.

We are reaching the end of the article, we hope that the advice we have written will help you and that you and your partner will be encouraged to try and innovate in the sexual area, always remembering that both are a team, that the objective is that they can have a good time. together and that consequently, your relationship can grow.

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