The love for letters is discovered late in adolescence, when we realize the strength of words and the beauty of poetry. When we understand that reading is not boring, but rather exciting. At that moment we begin by discovering short poems or simple novels, then the passion increases and we explore more and more… As a Latina, from the River Plate and a lover of letters, in my adolescence I met one of the greatest poets in Spanish speaking: Mario Benedetti, a Uruguayan artist who was a journalist, poet, playwright and novelist. He dedicated his life to letters, to the love of art, but above all to freedom. He was a huge critic of oppression and a flag bearer for love. His poems are a true reflection of his fight for freedom and democracy.

1. “Don’t give up”

“Don’t give up, you’re still in time to embrace life and start over, accept your shadow, release the weight and take flight. Don’t give up, that’s what life is, continue the journey, chase dreams, open the locks, unlock time, run through the rubble and uncover the sky. Don’t give up, please don’t give in. Although the cold burns, although fear bites, although the sun sets and the wind is silenced, there is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your bosom. Because life is yours and yours also the desire, because you wanted it and because I appreciate you, because there is wine and love is true, because there is no wound that time does not heal. Open the doors, remove the locks, lower the bridge and cross the moat, leave the walls that protected you, come back to life and accept the challenge. Recover laughter, rehearse a song,

2. «Lovers go home»

“Now that the day begins

returning to your gaze,

and you found me good

and I found you more beautiful.

now that finally

it’s quite clear

where are you and where am i

I know for the first time

that I will have strength

to build with you

such a cool friendship,

that of the neighbor

land of love,

that desperate,

they will start looking at us

with envy,

and they will end up organizing


to come ask us

like we did.”

3. “Pebbles in the window”

«From time to time joy throws pebbles against my window

he wants to let me know that he is there waiting

but i feel calm

I would almost say fair

I’m going to keep the anguish in a hiding place

and then to lie face to the ceiling

What is a gallant and comfortable position?

to filter news and believe them

who knows where my next footprints are

nor when my history is going to be computed

Who knows what tips I’ll still come up with

and what shortcut will I find to not follow them

It’s ok I won’t play eviction

I will not tattoo the memory with forgetfulness

much remains to be said and shut up

and there are also grapes to fill the mouth

ok i’m convinced

that joy does not throw more pebbles

I will open the window»

4. “Vice versa”

«I am afraid to see you, I need to see you, I hope to see you, I am uneasy about seeing you. I want to find you, concern to find you, certainty of finding you, poor doubts of finding you. I have an urge to hear you, joy to hear you, good luck to hear you and fears to hear you. In short, I’m screwed and radiant, perhaps more the former than the latter and also vice versa.».

5. Tactics and strategy

«My tactic is to look at you, learn how you are, love you as you are.

My tactic is to talk to you and listen to you, build an indestructible bridge with words.

My tactic is to stay in your memory, I don’t know how or with what pretext, but to stay in you.

My tactic is to be frank and know that you are frank and that we do not sell simulacra, so that between the two there is no curtain or abyss.

My strategy is instead deeper and simpler.

My strategy is that one day, I don’t know how or with what pretext, you finally need me. Source: Vix

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