We live a very fast-paced life: work and family commitments multiply. Everyone, including children, has a variety of activities that add up, often without interruption.

The days are very long, being able to start at dawn and end until after the sun goes down. In addition, the cell phone extends responsibilities and cases of people who live 24 hours a day hyperconnected are not uncommon.

This affects several aspects of life, being able to affect emotionally and physically, in addition to the relationships established with other people.

affected intimacy

The situation of “life on the run” has a negative impact on the couple and on sexual relations, which become a mere formality, reducing their frequency and quality and in many cases leading to emotional distancing.

It is necessary to break this circle that only leads to greater problems, recovering sensuality in intimate moments.

Massages are an excellent way to respond to this problem, betting on renewing the fire in the relationship: it is very useful for a more active and much more satisfying intimate life, enhancing communication.

 These are some of the benefits of a good massage


– It is an effective relaxant and reduces the tension that accumulated during the day.

– It also serves to stimulate the senses.

– Promotes rapprochement between the members of the couple, by facilitating sincere and open communication.

– Massages also favor the inclusion of humor, tickling, laughter, complicity and erotic play.

– All this favors intimacy, deepening the relationship between man and woman and connecting it on the physical plane.

– Of course, a good massage predisposes to sexual arousal. The erogenous zones for both men and women, so it can be a great moment prior to a wonderful and unforgettable sexual encounter.

The secrets of a great massage

The back is a place that accumulates a lot of tension; Therefore, it is necessary to give it special attention.

The techniques are endless and also vary according to sensitivity and personal taste.

You can stroke the back starting from the bottom. Another technique is to “split” it into two parts, using the spine as a guide and caressing one of the sides first.

There are several techniques:

– Rubbing is a basic technique of all massage. It consists of sliding or rubbing, with lesser or greater intensity, the hands behind the back. It is advisable to use this technique to start and finish the massage.

– Focus on the muscle and make a slight twisting movement, without exaggerating the force used so as not to hurt.

– Short, soft, sensual strokes are a great help when giving a massage. They excite the muscle and the nerve endings, being able to complement the other techniques.

– You can use “tools” for the massage: large pens, thin or thick brushes, fabrics of different textures, cotton… Combined with sweets, fruits, water, wine, ice, ice cream, they mean an infinite source of pleasure.

– Alternate the massage itself with kisses, small bites (without aggression), licks, blows, your hair… massage your partner’s body not with your hands, but with your breasts… the variations are endless.


To provide a good massage, start at the back, then go down to the buttocks and legs.

You can give massages to your partner with your back to her, but also from the front, surrounding her with your arms, both forms have a great charge of eroticism.

To increase satisfaction and excitement, you can use neutral oils (odorless and do not cause skin irritation) or a cream with these same specifications. In both cases, it helps to slide your fingers and hands more easily.

There are two very important things that go hand in hand: explore and find the areas of greatest pleasure in your partner and pay attention to the signs of pleasure and displeasure, to insist on the favorable areas and avoid those that do not cause well-being. Who receives the massage must guide the other on the areas to be stimulated and how they want to be stimulated, because this is an exploratory act.


Remember that this massage is to discover the areas that give your partner the most pleasure and if you already know them, it is to stimulate them with special attention and insist on them.

Some advices

– Do not abuse food before an intimate encounter, it can ruin it.

– Do not exaggerate with the cold in the room, 25 degrees is a good temperature.

– Dim the lights and disconnect the phone, play soft and relaxing music in the background. You can also vaporize essential oils: a few drops of orange blossom oil will relax tensions.


– Create a comfortable place for good massages. Some soft cushions on the bed, sofa or floor will be very useful.

– Invest in a massage oil, choose fatty fluids so that the hands slide well. Avoid paraffin oil, because it is chemical and prefer a biological vegetable oil. There is an endless variety of scents to choose from.

– Do not forget to remove the jewelry before doing a massage, as they can damage or bother. Special care is also required for the nails, which should not have sharp or irritating edges.

– Make your partner lie face down and stand at head height, with the palms of your hands on the upper part of the back. Gently slide your hands until you reach her buttocks. Press the contour of his buttocks and slide your hands down the sides, then go up to the armpits and slightly pull the shoulders up. Repeat the movement, increasing the pressure little by little. Synchronize your movements with your partner’s breathing: ascend when you breathe in, descend when you breathe out.

Of course, the important thing is to let your imagination run wild at the moment of intimacy, paying special attention to the sensitivity of each of the members of the couple. There are thousands of different ways to do a massage, you must find the one that enhances the search for pleasure in your case.

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