If you have an addiction to masturbation you should know that it is a problem that affects more people than you think. In this article we tell you what masturbation addiction consists of and we give you some guidelines to be able to enjoy your sexuality in a healthy way and overcome this addiction to masturbation.

addiction to masturbation

Addiction to masturbation, like all kinds of addictions, can be really detrimental to the health of people who suffer from it, producing strong damage to both their physical and emotional health. Most people who have this problem usually have a very low libido, they also stop having totally real sex and the sensitivity of their organs decreases a lot.

This type of addiction is suffered as much or more than other types of dependencies because the people who suffer from it see how this problem exceeds their own will, exceeding their own limits and making them unable to continue with what they have planned. At this point it is basic to ask for help because it is very difficult to realize that you have a problem since it is something “everyone does”, as happens with alcohol or cigarette dependencies, and that is why it is so complicated. quit or ask for help.

As with any type of drug, pornography produces euphoria in people who are addicted to masturbation. It makes them feel good in their mind thanks to the different chemicals that their brain releases when they consume it and masturbate with what, as they find that sensation pleasurable, they get used to it and repeat these actions over and over again to feel good entering a a circle of masturbation that they later realize is impossible for them to get out of.

These people stop doing all kinds of activities that previously fascinated them in order to dedicate themselves to masturbation. They usually do it even in places where they don’t have to do it, even if this is a problem for them or they stop going to work or going to their main obligations in order to be able to masturbate calmly.

Of course, relationships with other people have taken second place because the most important thing is themselves and their masturbation, so if at any time they are with a real person it is impossible for them to have an erection or ejaculate.

And, of course, this addiction is very self-destructive on a mental level because people who suffer from it tend to always feel guilty for watching so much sexual content and want to overcome this problem but find it practically impossible to do so.

To detect this type of problem, it must be taken into account if the level of masturbation is normal or if it is done without any type of control. If it is impossible to control it and it is done anywhere, it is probably an addiction and measures must be taken.

People who have this problem or addiction reach climax very quickly and usually practice masturbation without rest, that is: they do it every day once or several times and think about it repeatedly. In extreme cases these people can even injure themselves with repeated masturbation.

If you think you have this problem, the most normal thing is that it costs you a lot to admit it, but recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to be able to overcome it. At this point, you should not be afraid to go to a professional to be able to treat yourself and overcome this type of problem. You may not even need to follow a strict treatment and simply going to a good therapist will explain some good guidelines to recover and develop a healthy relationship with your sexuality.

How to get over masturbation addiction

To overcome the addiction to masturbation, most experts recommend treating this problem for what it is: an addiction, and therefore it should be treated as addictions are treated.

The first step to follow is to completely eliminate pornography and avoid it, for example, putting filters on the different mobile devices or locating the computer in a place where it is impossible for you to use it (I feel it will be very complicated, we recommend saving it for a season to avoid any type of risk).

We must completely eliminate all temptations by erasing all traces of pornography that we may have in order to end the addiction to masturbation.

Instead start doing new things, develop new hobbies, go out to meet new people, talk to new people, make friends and socialize a lot to feel better. Also, don’t forget to do all your homework and assignments as well. If you don’t have a job or you’re not studying at all, you already know what you have to do because the less idle you are, the less you will think about masturbation and the easier it will be to overcome this type of problem.

Another very interesting option to overcome the addiction to masturbation will be to start including a sports routine in your life. This will benefit you in many aspects because, in addition to overcoming a problem because you will have much less time to relapse into your addiction, sport helps you release endorphins and feel better with what will undoubtedly be the best way to avoid setbacks and not to return to relapse in your addiction thanks to the help of physical activity.

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