Masturbation makes us feel more liberated and better with ourselves. It is something pleasant that everyone likes, but over time masturbation may become boring and we need some games to fill that moment with emotion and enjoy those great moments again.

sex toys for masturbation

If you really want to enjoy new experiences, I can assure you that sex toys will be of great help to you. There are a thousand ways, you just have to choose the one that most catches your attention and start investigating with them. Remember, there are not only sex toys for women, but men can also enjoy them.

Once you try a sex toy and realize that masturbation is still much more pleasurable than through your hand, you will want to buy more toys to enjoy new experiences.

the music game

To play this game you will have to acquire a vibrator that vibrates according to the orders sent by the mobile. Next, you will have to download a suitable app that is capable of sending the rhythm of the music to the vibrator.

When you have everything, you will only have to choose the type of music you want to listen to. The mobile will make the vibrator vibrate to the rhythm of the music. This will allow you to enjoy experiences that until now you have never been able to enjoy. I invite you to try the different sensations that you will get with slow music, fast music and especially with music that changes rhythms. With each song the experience will be one, hence you will want to try them all.

Imagination game

There is no better masturbation than the one that is performed under a state of maximum excitement . To achieve this, I suggest you imagine a scene that turns you on a lot. The more exciting the scene, the better. Now you just have to imagine that the scene evolves as you would like and that it begins to have more and more temperature.

Now it’s time to touch your whole body to get a maximum degree of excitement and then start masturbating. This should always be done without any hurry, letting the imagination fly. If you are able to get into that role, you will realize that you can enjoy really good pleasures.

Remember, sexual fantasies are the ones that will allow you to enjoy the most pleasure during a masturbation. Remember, the mind is much more important than we think.

Apps to break the monotony

Monotony is something that affects everyone when an experience is lived over and over again.

To be able to masturbate in a different way, you should know that you can download an app on your mobile. There are many applications to choose from, you just have to choose the one that best suits the experience you want to enjoy. 

Then you have to get excited and put into practice the advice that comes out on the mobile screen. It is a different option that we have at our disposal to enjoy a masturbation different from those of a lifetime.

Take risks when masturbating

With the passage of time, masturbation at home will surely start to bore you and consequently you will want to discover new things. If you are a daring person, I invite you to masturbate in different places and where you run the risk of being discovered.

This type of technique is used by more people than you think and if you take it as a game, it will allow you to enjoy the pleasure again. To start, you will have to consider what kind of risk you want to take in order to enjoy the pleasure that masturbation will offer you. Remember, not all people will enjoy this type of game, remembering that there are no limits to be passed either. Your pleasure is important, but other people are also important. That is, at no time can they discover you. For example, you can masturbate in the bathrooms at university or at work… the important thing is that you find a place that turns you on a lot and you enjoy masturbation. Of course, do not make too much noise to avoid being discovered.

There are many games to choose from that will allow you to enjoy new experiences. You just have to find what turns you on the most and start enjoying the technique of masturbation.

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