Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up sex or masturbation. In this case we tell you much more about masturbation during pregnancy: discover why it is beneficial for the health of pregnant women and how to practice it safely for you and your baby.

masturbation in pregnancy

One of the best ways that exist for pregnant women to continue enjoying their sexuality to the fullest without complications and in a totally safe way is masturbation.

It is the perfect technique when, due to various medical contraindications, penetration cannot be performed, but it is also very interesting to end the monotony in a couple, as well as to fully satisfy the sexual desire that many women feel increase when they are pregnant without having to involve the other person at all times.

In case you don’t know, you should know that the vast majority of women have an increased sexual desire in the third trimester of pregnancy since they usually have many different hormonal changes.  In addition, masturbation during pregnancy will also be a very interesting way to relieve stress and feel better. You should also know that masturbation does not do any kind of harm to the little one when a woman is pregnant, but it does bring many benefits to future mothers.

Surely you know many myths that surround masturbation and pregnancy and we recommend that you ignore them all. For some people it is something abnormal and even a cause of infertility, which is logically totally false and of course masturbation during pregnancy will not end the desire of the couple nor will it be bad for the health of the mother or the baby.

Masturbation is always good emotionally and physiologically speaking for all kinds of women, which is also good for pregnant women.  If a woman enjoys masturbation on a regular basis, she does not have to stop doing it during pregnancy and even if a woman has never done it before and feels desires during pregnancy, without a doubt it is a great option because during this stage the Women have much more blood circulation to their pelvis and are also usually much more lubricated and sensitive in the genital areas, so masturbation will always be a good option.

Also, if you are worried that it could be dangerous for the baby because you have been told so, you should know that this is totally false because there is no type of contraindication of masturbation for pregnant women because this practice can affect the baby.

This practice should only be avoided if it is the gynecologist who establishes a high-risk pregnancy or a threatened abortion (but in these cases you cannot have sexual relations, work or practically move, so it does not have much to do with masturbation in general). if but with the fact of keeping rest).

Only in these cases do gynecologists usually suspend sexual activity with penetration, so masturbation and/or the use of dildos must also be avoided.

Tips for safe masturbation during pregnancy

If you have finally understood that masturbating during pregnancy is something positive that can bring many health benefits, we recommend that you continue reading these tips to be able to do it safely, enjoy the experience to the fullest and feel much better during your pregnancy.

In the first place (and this you must also take into account when you are not pregnant to avoid any contagion or disease) it is essential to wash your hands well, preferably with neutral pH soaps or with the one you usually use to wash your intimate areas. Remember that having correct hygiene is basic to avoid all kinds of infections, diseases and infections.

Thus, if you are going to use a dildo, you must be very clear not to choose very rigid models since you may have some problems during pregnancy.  The best option for this type of practice is latex dildos because they are softer and more ergonomic. Likewise, at this point we also consider it important to remember that for the end of pregnancy we do not recommend using dildos because the different vibrations that this type of device usually produces can produce contractions and even advance labor (although if we want to induce it in a controlled way, the sex or masturbation can be a good option, but always under medical indications).

Some of the most interesting elements or sex toys to use during pregnancy that are also recommended by experts or sexologists are clitoral balls. These toys are used to stimulate the vaginal lips and also to stimulate the clitoris. Another very interesting and high-quality option for pregnant women are vibrators specially designed to be used on the G-spot as they will perfectly stimulate your body during pregnancy, helping you to find the well-being and pleasure you need to overcome stress and feel full.

At this point, it should also be noted that it is very important to keep all sex toys in optimal hygiene conditions at all times.  This means that you will have to wash them as best you can when you finish using them in order to always have them clean.

Likewise, it is also essential to remember that no woman should feel guilty about masturbating, even during pregnancy, since it is a very normal practice. Finally, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you consult a good professional gynecologist.

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