The mentality of men is opening up, hence there are more and more men who want to enjoy anal masturbation. It must be remembered that men can only enjoy the pleasure of the G-spot through this type of masturbation. If you want to experience it, we are going to show you the steps you must take to achieve it.

Steps to enjoy a good anal masturbation

The first thing a man should do in order to enjoy a good anal masturbation is to relax . It is a slightly sensitive area, so to be able to perform the penetration that will later lead to masturbation, it is of vital importance that the man who is going to be penetrated is relaxed. If not, penetration will be complicated and will be accompanied by pain. This is because the anus is an area full of nerve endings, hence proper masturbation can offer a lot of pleasure. This means that the calmer the man, the greater pleasure and less pain he will suffer.

Before beginning anal masturbation, hygiene is very important . I personally recommend you wash your anus just before you start masturbating.

Now is the time to begin masturbation and consequently enjoy the pleasure that it will offer us.

The first step you will have to take is to start masturbating as you normally do . It is a technique that will help you relax and get ready to enjoy the maximum possible pleasure. When you begin to be excited stop and start caressing the anus from the outside . These caresses should always be performed with great delicacy. We seek pleasure, we do not seek pain. I recommend that you make circular movements on the anus. With these movements you will relax the area of ​​the anus, at the same time that you will begin to enjoy the pleasure.

When you notice that you are ready for penetration, it will be time to put your finger through the anus little by little . That if, before doing it, you must remember the following aspects. It is very important that the nails of the fingers that are going to perform the penetration are short and do not have any type of peak that could damage the inside of the anus. You must not forget that the anus does not produce any type of lubrication, this means that you will have to use lubricantso that the finger can easily enter the anus. For the penetration to be perfect, it is recommended to put a little lubricant at the entrance of the rectum and to put a lot of lubricant on the finger. It can also be a good option to use a surgical glove to perform the penetration, as long as it is accompanied by lubricant. This is a technique used by many men who do not feel comfortable feeling their own fingers, but who want to enjoy the pleasure that this type of masturbation offers. Sex toys can also be a good substitute for fingers.

When the fingers or the sex toy is well lubricated, it will be time to begin penetration. It is important that the penetration is slow and very careful. You must enjoy penetration and to achieve it you have to do everything with the utmost care, enjoying every sensation. It can be a good option to make movements from the inside out, just as if the penetration were real. In addition, so that the sensation of pleasure is superior, while you masturbate with one hand, with the other, touch different parts of the body. Thus the sensation of pleasure will increase, thanks to the fact that the excitement will be greater.

When it comes to penetrating you, you should not be afraid. If you do it slowly, nothing will happen to you . Sometimes, especially the first few times, you will have the feeling of wanting to expel something. It is normal and it is an instinct of the body. If you continue with the masturbation, you will see how the response of trying to expel something will be eliminated in a few minutes.

Now you just have to find the G-spot and start enjoying the pleasure . Take your time. The first time it may not be easy to find this point, but with a little patience you will find it. Do not forget that this type of masturbation is fully compatible with traditional masturbation.

In the event that you have problems when masturbating anally, an anal dilator can be of great help. Thanks to it, it will numb the anal area, which will make masturbation much easier. Thanks to this dilator, you will be able to dilate the hole a little and reduce the impulse to expel what is inside the anus. All this will cause a reduction in pain and above all it will help you to make penetrations much more pleasant.

And if you start to experience this world, anal plugs can also be of great help. You are about to be able to enjoy new experiences that you will surely like.

Perhaps, in some forums or even videos on the Internet, you have heard the expression bottoming or even your partner has commented on it, or a person who wanted to have sex with you has suggested bottoming and you have not known exactly what to answer. If you want to know what bottoming is and how to practice it both with your partner and alone, we are going to give you a series of tips that will be very useful for you to discover this practice that is revolutionizing pleasure in men.

What does bottoming consist of?

The expression bottoming is relatively new, although its practice goes back many centuries and millennia ago, since it is more or less clear, of anal sex in men. Here you can talk about penetration by another man, as well as the introduction of some kind of  sex toy  conditioned for this practice.

Although this practice has been carried out in many cultures and many societies, it has been a practice that has been carried out quite frequently for a couple of years and has nothing to do with sexual status, that is, it is thought that anal sex or bottoming in men is only aimed at the gay sector, but anyone can enjoy it, since by reaching the prostate better, pleasure will be stimulated and enhanced. To learn more about anal sex, we invite you to read this basic guide

How to practice bottoming?

Among the most common tips to practice bottoming correctly is that the man needs to relax, be calm to enjoy the experience he is going to live. This detail is important so that the muscles relax and in this way the sensations are incredible. Our recommendation is that you can  practice first alone , with one or two well-lubricated fingers, recommending a special lubrication for this area of ​​the body.

Once you have played with your games, it will be time for some type of anal toy, knowing that at all times they have to be well washed and lubricated so that in this way they cannot create an infection in this area of ​​your body. Exactly the same thing happens when you have anal sex with your partner, having to use a condom at all times for the safety of both, there are models that are much more resistant than others and that, in this way, will help you live this pleasant adventure that is the bottoming.

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