Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin are now the parents of a beautiful boy whom they named Hoskin.

Turia Pitt was a woman whose beautiful face led her to be a famous model of Australian origin. However, her life took a 360 degree turn after suffering severe burns while she was running for a marathon. Her burns spread to 65 percent of her body and in 2011 she was admitted to a hospital with a critical health condition, since the chances of her remaining alive were almost nil. Despite this, she kept fighting and underwent 200 surgeries. Obviously, she needed a long process of physical and psychological recovery. The doctors who treated her then remember that the most difficult moment of the day was when Turia asked the nurses for a mirror to see her face and notice the drastic change that her appearance had on her.
“I am proof that we are capable of more than we could ever imagine,” he says
. She was in a coma for a month, lost the ability to use seven fingers, and spent more than six months undergoing harsh rehabilitation in the hospital. But when a doctor told her that she would never be able to run again, she thought. “Oh yeah? I’m going to show you. One day I will do an Ironman”, she told BBC Mundo. “My mother and my partner Michael came to the hospital every day, they took me out of bed and made me walk through the corridors of the hospital, telling me: ‘Come on Turia, it’s time to train for your Ironman”. Five years and more than 200 operations later, Pitt managed to do what he set out to do: in May he finished the Ironman in Port Macquarie, Australia. “Crossing that finish line almost five years after (the fire) was incredible, something I will never forget,” he explains.


Michael Hoskin has been his faithful companion before, during and after the hard journey after the accident. Michael showed her that true love exists and stayed by her side despite the fact that Turia’s appearance was more than evident. However, Michael Hoskin was the motivation that the young woman had not to give up on her future life projects. she.

Many were the nights that Hoskin slept next to his beloved without her knowledge. Clinging to a body wrapped in white bandages and surrounded by countless surgical devices, he spent DAYS waiting for her to wake up.

One afternoon, before reaching the room where Turia was recovering from one of her reconstructive surgeries, Michael went shopping for a diamond ring. He was clear that the first thing he would do when his girlfriend was well, would be to propose marriage.

According to The Daily Mail, the young man resigned from the police to be aware of the care of his beloved.

When Turia came out of recovery, the couple made a dream trip to the Maldives. There the young man proposed to his beloved, who by then was 28 years old. She accepted and he became his shadow. The couple bought a house in Ulladulla, New South Wales, and have slowly rebuilt their lives, until the moment they shouted to the world that they were going to be parents. A new being would make their lives even happier. The baby announcement was posted in a photo on Instagram with these words: “We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Hoskin!” She expressed that before giving birth, she thought that she would apply the same technique that she did when facing the large number of surgeries for her burns: the fire in 2011. “I write a list of all the bad things that could happen, it will hurt I don’t know if I can do it, and if I can’t handle the pain.


Obviously, at first it was a difficult situation to deal with, but over time, Turia learned to manage her emotions in the best way. Instead of sinking, he took charge of his life from a positive perspective: “I could see it in a negative or empowering way. If I see it in an empowering way, I feel better, that’s how I chose it.”I assure. Even she is a woman who lectures young and old about the true meaning of life and how to learn to appreciate every moment. Adversities are inevitable, but it is up to you to make the most of it. She indicated that during her pregnancy, she took adequate care so that her baby was born as healthy as possible. “I go to Pilates two or three times a week, introduce more yoga into my routine and try to walk or swim every day. I think giving birth is a bit like a marathon because the stronger and fitter I get, the easier I think I’ll find it (and the quicker I’ll recover from it too). Turia was sure that Michael would make an excellent father. She further commented that she was determined to raise her son in the same relaxed lifestyle that she had grown up on the south coast of New South Wales. “I’m looking forward to doing all the things I enjoy with Michael, going surfing or running, it’s going to be great. We [Michael and I] love being outside and being active. We will be on the beach with him all the time,” she told FEMAIL. I speak fondly of Michael, who has been a devoted companion throughout her pregnancy, and the painful rehabilitation after she was trapped in a burning bush six years ago during an ultramarathon in Kimberley, Western Australia. “Nothing has been difficult. It was amazing as usual.” True love does exist and this couple is a clear example of it. The support that Michael has given her is a source of comfort and security for Turia.

Now, they are happier than ever and their little one has arrived to add more happiness to their lives. Without a doubt, Turia is an example to follow. He has shown that beauty goes beyond the physical, a benevolent soul could replace any ‘perfect’ silhouette and face.

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