Dare to give a transcendental turn to your relationship. If you’re looking to drive your man crazy in bed and take sex to a higher level of pleasure, there are endless ways to do it. You can try to take the initiative at all times or you can bet on including games and innovating postures, the more possibilities the better, but the really important thing is to be creative and know the tastes of your partner.

There is nothing written about tastes, but if you want to know some ideas and details that give more passion to the relationship, which can result in an unforgettable night for both of you and that will surely surprise your partner, keep reading this article and discover the moves to drive men crazy in bed.

Take the initiative

Generally it is the men who cause the whole situation when it comes to going to the sexual sphere, perhaps changing this habit a bit would not hurt you. Give him a surprise being you who takes the initiative from the beginning, put on the sexiest lingerie you have or the one that you know turns him on so much, take him by surprise by hugging him from behind, pressing your hip against his and make it very clear what you are looking for. at that point, you can even say a few very risque words to him.

Propose some new game, some position that they have not tried yet, look for different experiences. That will surely love your boy this and he will not be able to resist.

Masturbate and masturbate

One of the things that men like the most is that their partner masturbates them. You should also know how to give a man oral sex, with that you will see that he explodes with pleasure and returns it to you later. Something that may surprise him more, but he will also love it, is that you masturbate while he watches you carefully. If you enjoy your partner will too.

It is convenient that you use masturbation as a preliminary game to warm up the environment, but try not to finish, you will see how prolonged pleasure is much more satisfying.

Postures in which you dominate

Something that men greatly enjoy is that you are the one who mounts it and dominates the situation. Sit on top of him while you make movements with your hips, at this point the friction is everything, and when you feel that the time is right, take his erect penis and gently insert it into your vagina without losing the rhythm and intensity of the movements. You can apply this in different postures, such as:

Dressage: in which the man sits on the end of the bed or chair and the woman sits on top looking at each other, or back to back. The woman is in control in this position, as she sets the pace and intensity perfectly.

The subdued: the man lies down completely and the woman mounts him but from behind.

The hammock: the man should be sitting with his legs slightly bent, the woman will sit on top looking at her partner from the front. She can set the pace by bending her knees to gain momentum.

With these postures in which you take control of the situation, they will get the penis to enter completely, that the two will merge and that they will have their hands free for intimate caresses and mutual stimulation.

Postures that you like the most

In addition to the positions mentioned above, there are many more positions that men enjoy and in which they are in control. Throughout the relationship, he will thank you for having alternated the positions discussed above with one of the ones we bring you below:

The deep one: your stretch, and he on you, raise your legs and place them on his shoulders, and you will prove that this sexual position allows deep penetration and unparalleled pleasure for both of you.

Wild rage: also known as “the puppy”, it is one of the positions that offers more options, it allows both vaginal and anal sex, therefore it produces enormous pleasure for both, and that also explains why it is one of the favorites for them.

The surprise: the woman turns her back to the man and lets her body fall forward, relaxed, this gives him the freedom to have total control of the penetration. She is one of the ones that stimulates them the most due to the freedom of movement that it allows them.

The Singapore kiss, very pleasurable sexual technique

You can do the Singapore kiss at any time during penetration and in any position. This movement that will increase the quality of the orgasm of the two and you will see your boy be surprised and go crazy. The kiss consists of contracting and relaxing the vagina in a rhythmic way, with this you will create a suction effect that, in addition to enchanting him, will help you strengthen your pelvic floor.

Stimulates the male G-spot

Stimulates the male G-spot. It is important to clarify that this movement is not suitable for all men, but if you consider your boy to be daring, you can suggest stimulating his anus and inserting only the tip of your finger to excite his G-spot area, the area of ​​the prostate, just before ejaculation. This will leave him surprised because he will verify that his orgasm is much higher than what he commonly experiences.

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