If you want to reach the climax of sex, masturbation is a tool that you have to use. With traditional sex of only penetration you will stay half, but with a mutual masturbation you will be able to reach the climax in a simpler way. And what better than doing it together with your partner to be able to enjoy truly incredible experiences.

If you want to be successful, I recommend you take into account the following masturbation techniques that I am going to show you below.

start from less to more

To be successful, sexual games are a great option so that the environment begins to take temperature. There are many options that will allow you to reach the state you are looking for in a simple way. Without forgetting that the techniques of kisses and caresses will also be of great help to you. When things liven up, it will be time to start rubbing all over the skin. Of course, all this must be done calmly and as it arises so that everything goes smoothly.

Simultaneous stimulation

A very good technique is to stimulate your partner while she stimulates you. It is an intimate moment that both parties will like, so you have to take advantage of that moment. Normally we tend to think that the genital area is the most important, but I can assure you that the stimulation can be carried out throughout the body . Find your partner’s weak points and take advantage of them to stimulate her to the maximum.

Bet on the technique of 69

It is a well-known technique that will help you enjoy mutual masturbation in a different way. This technique is normally used through oral sex . But you must keep in mind that you must also use your hands so that the stimulation is the best possible.

nibble technique

If your partner likes kisses, I can assure you that they will also like the little nibbles . They are a great complement to masturbation. Of course, the nibbles must be done with all the love in the world and with great care. The objective is to create a pleasant sensation and at no time pain. Be very careful with the intensity you use, a mistake can take away the charm of the moment and the masturbation ends suddenly.

Bet on dressage posture

While the man remains seated, the woman sits on his lap. The most common of this position is to prepare for penetration, but in this case it will not be done. That is, it will be played for mutual stimulation, but without penetration. The friction of the genital areas helps a lot to achieve great stimulation , hence this technique with very good results.

rhythm changes

The changes of rhythm are very good for masturbation to go through different phases . With this I do not mean that you have to go from less to more and that’s it, but I recommend you go from less to more, then slow down to increase it… the goal is to enjoy mutual masturbation to the fullest. For example, it can be interesting to pretend that you are already getting tired and slow down and when you least expect it, you increase the power. You will see how your partner enjoys great pleasure.

delay technique

It is a technique that is used to prevent the man from ejaculating and miss the emotion of the moment. In this case, the man has to tell the woman when she notices that she is about to ejaculate. At this time, the partner must stop the stimulation of the glans , while pressing the penis from the base. This will prevent ejaculation from occurring and consequently the boy can continue with mutual masturbation. Depending on the experience of the boy, he may enjoy more or less delays. What is true is that the longer the boy endures, the more you can enjoy as a couple.

As you have seen, there are many techniques you can bet on when enjoying the benefits of mutual masturbation. If you have not yet tried this technique with your partner, I can assure you that you will love it. If you already like masturbation in phases, with mutual you can enjoy much more. Surely you want to repeat.

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