There comes an age, different in each culture and geographical situation, in which all the women around you begin to marry. A little streak of approximately 2 years where all the conversations revolve around rings, weddings and later, children. One of my best friends called me one day to announce that she was engaged, one of the calls that most excites us in life and that makes you scream with happiness through the phone. And he asked me for a great favor: to go to Expo Tu Boda to gather information about beach weddings. She lives in Cd. Juarez and it was impossible for her to come so I took on the task of going through the corridors of an incredible expo looking for brochures and quotes for the wedding of one of the most important women in my life.

The first 8 stands I visited, I told the truth: “it’s not my wedding, my best friend is getting married” and then I received that look of compassion mixed with sadness and astonishment while a pat on the back and a condescending tone made me feel cockroach, being I have no conflict about it. By the 9th venue I had already taken over the wedding so as not to have to receive the look of pity with which everyone tries to make you feel good because it is not you who is getting married, but your lucky best friend who finally found to the great love of his life while you dedicate yourself to collecting information for his event.

At a certain point in life, many of the women around us decide to get married. Several studies suggest that between the ages of 24 and 28 there is a phenomenon of marital hormones and many couples decide to get married and have children, so there is a string of weddings and then baptisms that repeats itself between 32 and 35. Yes You are one of those who is not in a hurry to get married, whether you have a boyfriend or not, these stages always stick. It doesn’t matter if you are happy with your career, with your life, with your ideas… the moment of putting the veil on your best friend always makes you reflect. So that these marital streaks do not end your good mood and send you to throw yourself on the couch like Bridget Jones, we have 3 super simple tips:

1. Breathe

Before turning to bite the head of the individual who looks at you with a pity face… Breathe. Remember that it is very easy to judge without knowing, to believe that we all live under the same social conventions and act accordingly. Always take things from whom they come, especially if the comments or observations are from people who do not know you or know little about your life.

2. Remember your goals

There are many reasons why you are not married, or in the process of. Each woman has her own and can range from professional reasons to personal principles. If you are clear about your goals in life, it should not matter to you that all the women around you have rings on their fingers.

I have friends who have been with their boyfriends for 5 years and are totally convinced that he is the love of their life but they know that it is not the time to get married. I have other friends who are single because they have decided not to settle until they find the man of their dreams. Many others have the goal of being successful professionals before getting married… each of us knows what she is looking for in life, and as long as you know it, let the world around you judge as it wants. I also have other friends whose goal in life was to get married and be mothers. Those who have already done so feel fulfilled and all the women around them feel happy for them and greatly enjoy their company, that of their husbands and their children.

3. Laugh at things

When someone makes a comment to you, sees you with that annoyed look, or pats you on the shoulder… Smile. There is nothing better than taking things with philosophy and humor, and accepting that your way of seeing things will not always agree with those of others, but that is exactly what the magic of life is based on. How boring that we all thought and acted the same.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your grandmother who tells you how at your age she already had 5 children, or if it’s your mother who sees you with a worried face because you don’t have a boyfriend, or it’s the salesperson at the Tu Boda expo who smiles at you. half because he thinks you’re sad… Laugh at the situation because at the end of the day your life is yours, your decisions belong to you and what reaches you at the altar, or not, will be your own path. Source:

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