What not to do with a proud partner.

During this article we are going to show you the behaviors and attitudes, that you do not have to have, if you are dating or in a relationship with a man who has too high his pride. If you are interested, then continue reading, since we are going to start talking about pride. Pride is a part of ourselves, where we overestimate some aspect of ourselves, be it some physical or psychological characteristic, some achievement we have had in our lives, etc. This attitude may be part of our personality or perhaps it has been cultivated over time and, due to various circumstances, has been strengthened, for example: if we have come to have a good life, with economic stability and that we have reached very high professionally.

This can lead us to have complications in relationships with others, with our partner and also with the rest of the world around us.

If it is that you have tried to choose another type of men, but nevertheless, destiny has led you to be with men with great pride and if, in addition, you are interested in learning to live with it, because you really want to build a relationship with the man, because if he is a contribution in your life, but he has this defect, which you want to learn to cope with, then it is very important that you continue reading, since next we will show you some things that you should never do, Otherwise, you can run the risk of ending up feeling very small next to him.

1. Don’t let him always have the last word:

Nor is it about arguing about everything he tells you, but suddenly, you must show your claws, show your warrior side and make yourself heard regarding your thoughts, opinions and arguments, so that they are respected by him and you have a equality relationship. Because if you always let him win, then he will hang a medal on his opinions and believe that he is always right.

2. Don’t stop the discussion:

If it is common for you to end up silent and showing submission to his character or his ideas, we tell you that this is a dynamic that is not convenient for you, since if it is because of the fact of not wanting to discuss more, If you agree with him, then he will get stronger and more powerful, and most likely he will remind you every time he gets a chance. Since nobody likes this type of routine in the long term, then we advise you to encourage yourself to say your point of view and to teach him to value it and you.

3. Do not let yourself be dominated:

If you see that there is any intention on his part to have a higher hierarchy in the relationship, then show him how to have an equal relationship. If, for example, your man owns a company that is doing well, and he is used to being in charge and that everyone else pays attention to him, because he is the owner and can untie them, then you have to let him know that in the house it is not the same, that there are no categories and that both have the same range of importance.

4. Do not make him feel superior:

If you only compliment him and tell him everything he does well every day, without mentioning his aspects to improve, it may be that he finally ends up believing that he is perfect and that he does not realize that in reality, nobody is perfect. So it is better that from time to time you show him where he could improve.

5. Do not always give him the reason:

If you always give him the reason, you will be increasing his confidence and his ego. So try to choose the fights, because it is not the idea that you are arguing with him for everything, but choose in which battles you will fight, so that you look for better arguments and you can get him to find you right. This is a way in which his pride will go down a little.

6. Do not always take the blame:

This is a better known ability in women, however, some men also have it and know how to turn the situation around so that even though they may have been at fault at first, shortly after the conversation, without knowing how. nor why, you are wondering if you have done something wrong, forgetting that everything started due to a mistake of the other person. The worst thing about this is that the other does not see what he really did in the first place and they think that they were not wrong, and also, they make you doubt yourself. Don’t let this happen to you.

7. Do not always ask for forgiveness:

Most likely, your man will do everything to avoid assuming that he was wrong and that he does not have to apologize. But if in fact there is something that he did wrong and that is undeniable, then the best thing to do is for him to ask for forgiveness and for him to promise that the situation will not happen again.

8. Do not let him show his pride constantly:

If you continually hear him say phrases that reaffirm it, such as: “I’m so handsome”, “my car is beautiful”, “how well my clothes fit”, among others. Although they are probably true, he also has to put his feet on the ground and have a little humility, it is not good that he gives himself so many compliments.

9. Do not try to ask for a commitment:

If you show him that you are more interested in him, than he in you, then you will be giving him too much power within the relationship. So don’t even think about mentioning the possibility of getting married or having children, for your own interest. But rather we recommend that he be the one, the one who realizes that he wants to make these plans with you and that he plays it, as it should be to obtain this.

10. Never look down:

Especially during discussions, try to look him straight in the eye, you will be surprised by his reaction. Try to challenge him with your look, attitude and arguments. Because for a person who is proud, seeing that you look down, will interpret it as a triumph. Which is not bad, if he doesn’t use it against you later and if you manage to maintain balance in the relationship.

11. Do not tolerate insulting words:

You should never, under any scenario, tolerate being disrespected, spoken in a loud tone, or annoyed. Always make it clear what you are worth and how you deserve to be treated, and that you will not tolerate anyone treating you differently, much less a partner.

As we have already given several tips, we hope that you can take some and put them into practice little by little, with the aim that you manage to modify even a little your partner’s behavior. Keep in mind that what should never happen is that you are afraid of your partner.

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