No matter how great the love you professed to that person who one day made the conscious decision to cause you great pain (although he could always avoid it), no matter how much you think you’re going to die because you can’t live without him, because There comes a time when you feel that you need him like air to breathe, that will happen and you will be able to learn to live without him, what you thought you felt was not love for him, but lack of self-love and emotional dependence.

So don’t fall apart for someone who doesn’t deserve a single one of your tears, because you are the most real proof that no one at all dies of love. And it is that all of us without exception go through this stage at some point in our lives, some come out better than others regardless of whether it was a pothole or a tremendous hole 10 meters deep. And beyond the scientific questions about what we know as love, there is what many others call “infatuation”. This little word is read quite rarely, however, it can destroy a woman’s self-esteem regardless of her age.

Then then, the most common phrases and that we often hear in this terrible stage are: “He is the love of my life.” “I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.” “I want to die.” “I swear I will never love again” “He made me feel special” etc. , and this only reflects that you are a woman with low self-esteem, recently out of a relationship that allowed codependency to take away her personality, that she stopped thinking about herself to please the other. That’s when we live and exist for and by him, we lose our essence as people and bow to another granting him authority to do with us whatever he wants.

But the worst thing is that they are not to blame for this, we are the ones who give in little by little to their whims and will. We go out where they choose, we talk to those who like them, we cut friendships so they don’t get angry, we convince ourselves that this is how it should be, because unfortunately even at this moment we haven’t realized what a terrible mistake we are making in our lives.

That is why we do not prepare for when the little angel decides to fly his wings through other skies. Yes, ours turns gray and turbulent, the floor moves because there is no one to tell us what to do, what to wear and even what to eat. Things are simple but we women complicate them a little by dramatizing and exaggerating a breakup. Maria Felix “La Dona” said well, “You have to cry for a man for three days, and on the fourth you wear heels and new clothes”. Not by staying thinking about him or crying for days he is going to return. We will never be totally certain that a certain person is going to stay by our side until we cease to exist, the mind is so indecipherable that the least expected day that person we thought would never betray us would, and the one we detested ends up being endearing . So we must be very clear that in this world the only thing we can control are our actions, therefore the only sure love will always be our own, do not allow your life to revolve around a relationship, that accompanies you on the way It is different. In addition, a woman who loves herself madly, will never allow a lout to come into her life to turn her into squares, none of that, a woman with high self-esteem, knows what she wants and is very cautious to know how to choose a partner. life that complements and enhances your happiness.

For all of the above and if you have a few days of having “broken” the first thing you should do is a deep cleaning, no matter how much you like the teddy bear that I gave you, or the Valentine’s letter from last year you can not keep them, You should not save the 100 thousand messages that I send you by WhatsApp and forget to leave the photo on the living room furniture. To close a cycle you must have the determination to get rid of all the physical memories that make you remember and suffer over and over again every time you see them. It is worth remembering, but without thinking about the “would have” because it simply is no longer.

In this sense, it is very important to be very clear that as human beings we cannot control the actions of the other and therefore we are not responsible if they make the decision to leave our side. Life goes on and we have the power of decision to stay stagnant or continue walking, acquiring new experiences that will always leave a positive teaching, do not see your past relationships as a waste of time on the contrary, they have given you the opportunity to know the qualities you want in a man and what are those defects that you are willing to tolerate without problem.

You will see that as the days go by you will realize that this was the best thing, that your life has changed and that person would simply no longer fit in with your present, and in the end you will always say “Nobody dies of love” Nobody!

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