There are times in life when we don’t feel comfortable, work bores us, we find ourselves immersed in toxic relationships from which we don’t know how to get out, we don’t have clear ideas, we don’t set goals or objectives due to tiredness, we feel unmotivated, it is as if nothing were going well for us, we live in a constant “bad mood”, and we do not understand why, since we were not like that, we became people with no desire for anything. The important thing is to realize it in time to get out of this situation as soon as possible and regain joy and energy.

A Chinese proverb says: “BEFORE YOU CHANGE THE WORLD, GO THROUGH YOUR HOUSE THREE”, Our house, our workplace as well as our body, are a reflection of how we treat ourselves, for example if my bedroom is neglected, It’s probably a reflection of how little I take care of myself. If my closet is disorganized, full of things that I don’t use and in complete disorder, my ideas may not be in order, they may not be clear and it’s hard for me to set specific goals, if my kitchen is chaotic, I don’t think my diet is the healthiest and most orderly, so this proverb tells us that we must start by putting our environment in order, it means that if you want to put your ideas in order, including eating a healthy and orderly diet, start by putting everything around you in order. It will seem strange to you

Marie Kondo author of the successful book: the magic of order offers us a revolutionary and radical method of material and spiritual purification, she is inspired by the oriental principles of order and the philosophy of minimalism, in the sense of living only with the essential , with the beautiful, with what it really contributes. The konMari method is all the rage and has millions of followers who follow it and share it on social networks due to the excellent results they obtain, “tidying up your house affects all aspects of your life, including work and family” says Kondo. When you organize your home you also put your affairs and your past in order. As a result you can clearly see what you need in your life and what you don’t. This process helps us identify our values ​​and reduces our doubts and confusion when making decisions.


Once we decide to change and we realize the chaos in which we are, we feel so overwhelmed by the disorder that we even get discouraged again, added to this that starting to order makes us very lazy, but when we finish and see the results we realize how tremendously satisfying it is. The big question arises: where to start? And the answer is simple: ELIMINATE. The KonMari method is a simple, smart and effective way in which the first step is to dispose and then organize your space completely. This well-known Japanese was inspired to create her method in the DAN-SHA-RI theory, which had been practiced for years in Asian territory. Now, the forerunner of this philosophy of life, Hideko Yamashita, publishes in Spain her already ‘best seller’ Order your life. Stay only with what is necessary, and find happiness!

Its three basic principles are The DAN, block the way to unnecessary things that try to enter our lives, that is, acquire only things that are really necessary; the SHA, throw away everything that is useless and that floods our houses and finally the RI, which can be defined as a state of freedom and lightness without attachment to things, thus achieving a more relaxed environment and therefore a better mood and as Goethe said, “the greatest crime someone can commit is to be in a bad mood”, so the environment can be a determining factor when it comes to attitudes. By freeing our environment from superfluous objects, and maintaining order in our space, the result is immediately visible and shows how our mind is organized in the same way.

For best results we must follow the following order: delete things and decide where to save them. It’s only two steps, but the removal must come first. Make sure you finish the first task, before starting the next one. Don’t even think about putting away your stuff before you’ve finished the number one elimination process. Not following this order is one reason a lot of people don’t make a permanent breakthrough, they’re only halfway through elimination and already starting to think about where to put things. As soon as they think: I can put this in that drawer, they stop their removal work. To make it more enjoyable, it is advisable to have a selection of your favorite songs prepared. These things are best done accompanied by good music and create a better atmosphere. Tidying up our space,

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