Monotony and routine sometimes cut “the sauce of life” and lead us, unintentionally, to turn off the spark that gives us joy as the days go by. On the other hand, when we do activities with passion, they become sparks that light up so that our existence has enthusiasm and meaning. For example, do you know that if you put passion into everything you do, time passes much faster?

Passion is a feeling that is distinguished by being very intense and deep. It can invade the entire body, paralyzing our thoughts. It produces satisfaction and joy towards that activity that we are carrying out. It does not understand times or obligations, but rather arises without forcing the activity that we are carrying out. It is as if we were invaded, at first by surprise, by indescribable feelings of happiness and satisfaction. For example, imagine that boy, that when he plays soccer, he lives it with such intensity that he forgets everything else. Or that woman who when she gets on a dance floor, her face changes and she begins to enjoy herself enormously. Having passion for something, means embracing your own movement and its meaning,

Cultivate motivation to connect with your passion

Motivation is a psychological component that allows us to guide, maintain and carry out our behaviors. For passion to appear, we must first see what aspects of ourselves motivate us and drive us forward. Motivation is going to be a key factor in being able to connect with our passion. Passion is the ingredient that awakens our perseverance and motivation. It invites us, as if it were fuel, to keep our goals and dreams alive, and not to throw in the towel at the first opportunity. Without passion and without desire there is no energy to do what we like, nor can we push ourselves to take action. His absence makes us slaves of nostalgia.

And how do I know what my passion is? How do I discover it?

Passion is connected to your purpose and calling in life. It is that task that allows you to experience satisfaction, intense joy and happiness. Your Passion is what you would be able to do even without being paid, totally free. It’s that activity that makes your eyes shine and your heart race.
The 5 Step Guide to Finding Your Passion
– Write a list of your 15 passions: what you like the most, is more special to you or forms part of the basis of your happiness. Now choose the 3 that you like the most. – Write 4 or 5 feelings that describe what will happen when you are living each of the 3 passions. – Write the negative thoughts that prevent you from realizing and living these passions. – Think about how you could make your hobbies a way of life that provides you with resources or income, bearing in mind that passion and success are two inseparable ingredients. – A piece of advice that we would love to provide to live with passion is to get together and live life with people who are passionate about what they do and feel. When we are with them we enjoy a much more intense existence and, luckily, the passion is contagious.
Living with passion ensures success

. I can assure you that a life without passion does not allow us to reach and share the true inner potential with which we came into this world. When you feel the passion for what you live, you decide to seek, your heart asks you to fight and the greatest thing: to be able to risk and give the best of yourself to those around you and who you love. You also learn that the passions of each person are unique and possibly unrepeatable. You choose each of them yourself, how to feel them and how to materialize them. You are the one who gives rise to your own feelings and you have incredible power over them. You decide how you want to live and feel life, after all it only depends on you.

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