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There are countless types of sex toys and many ways to use them. Mainly, we can distinguish between those used by people with a vulva or those with a penis. But, this time we are going to give prominence to penis toys , to continue breaking stigmas.

How can sex toys help? These objects are used to obtain greater pleasure during sex or masturbation. In addition, these types of products can also help with the treatment of certain dysfunctions, such as sexual desire disorder, genital arousal disorder, erectile dysfunction or orgasmic dysfunction. But which are the best?

How many types of penis toys are there?

The strong stigmatization that existed around male sex toys is increasingly overcome. This, together with the great growth in market share that is surrounding these products, has led companies in the sector to innovate and put on sale more and more variety of products.

We can distinguish 8 types or categories of sex toys for people with a penis:

  1. Egg-shaped masturbators . This category is one of the most common in the market, since it is very economical, in  addition to being versatile with all the options it offers.
  2. The vibrating rings for the penis. This manages to enhance and lengthen the firmness of the male member during erection.
  3. Masturbator tubes without vibration . These are tubes with interior grooves that simulate the walls of the vagina.
  4. Masturbator tubes that simulate anal sex . It is a tube with a cold effect that inside is like an anus.
  5. Female orgasm simulators for men. This stimulator toy is a revolution uses air waves that stimulate the Pacinian receptors of the penis (the frenulum), to achieve maximum pleasure.
  6. The real vagina simulators .
  7. Prostate stimulators . These stimulators perform a simultaneous action on the perineum and the P-spot, bringing the user to full climax.
  8. The fellatio simulators . This simulator can reach up to 40º, stimulating the penis with a very intense suction effect.

Penis rings: what are they? What types of do we find?

Cock rings are an ideal way to enter the world of sex toys as a couple. These are silicone rings that are placed on the penis and whose objective is the stimulation of both the penis and the clitoris.

There is a wide variety of types of rings, both shapes and designs. The most frequent are:

       Penis rings without vibration. These toys retain the blood of the penis, so that they improve sex as a couple.

       Rings on the penis with vibration . This class of toys perform massages on the penis and clitoris, intensifying the moment of climax.

       Double cock rings . These are toys that bring two rings to be able to adapt one to the penis and the other to the testicles, in this way the intensity of the orgasm is increased even more.

Within these generic typologies we can find a wide variety of toys and sizes, so that they adapt to all the tastes and needs of people with a penis and their partners.

What are penis sleeves?

Penis sheaths can be defined in general terms, as those objects whose objective is to increase length, decrease sensitivity or offer a different stimulation when having sexual intercourse, in addition, they can help in certain situations with erectile dysfunction.

Sheaths are often confused with penis extenders. However, each object has a different shape and use, so that the penis covers do not cover the head of the penis, but the extenders do cover the entire penis and their objective is to offer greater length and circumference to the member.

Other types of masturbators

When deciding on a sex toy for the penis, we can find a wide variety of objects, shapes and colors on the Enjoy My Toy page.

If we are looking for some type of penis ring, we can find a variety of options that can be adapted to our tastes. They exist from the most basic models to more complete ones such as the Oyeah Ring ! Which has a vertical motor that emits vibrations that provide a greater sensation.

There are also a variety of options in terms of penis sheaths and in relation to extensions. The Fantasy X-tensions Mega 5.1 cm even goes so far as to provide results for people with penises who have performance problems.

On the other hand, we also find dildo cloners. These kits, which are valid for all types of penises, allow users to create their own dildo in 3 easy steps, achieving a perfect result.

What cleaning and maintenance do they need?

Penis toys , like all sex toys, must be clean in order to use them with all hygienic guarantees. It is essential that when we buy a sex toy, whether it is for the penis or not, that we clean it thoroughly, since it will be in contact with sensitive areas of the body.

In general, intimate toys can be washed with water and neutral soap, although it is best to use specific gels to clean these toys. On the other hand, each manufacturer establishes basic hygiene standards for each toy in its product and you must try to abide by them.

Apart from the cleaning tasks every time the toys are going to be used, it is also necessary to pay attention to the way in which they are stored , since properly storing the toys will make them last longer and be in better conditions during more time.

Whatever your decision among all the toys for the penis that you have at your disposal, you must first focus on your tastes and think if it is to play with your partner. Once you know, do not wait any longer. Find your toy at Enjoy my toy .

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