They say that brown eyes are the most common, but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting eyes. And even more so if these eyes are properly made up, they owe nothing to the other less common shades.

For that you must take into account the colors that favor your brown eye color and which ones do not. The range of pinks, browns and golds are ideal to combine with the color of your eyes. On the other hand, you should avoid as much as possible the light blue, gray and silver tones because they will overshadow your eyes. In this article we show you the shades that best suit you so you can show off spectacular eyes and a deep and intense gaze.

Shadows Golden color.

The gold colors are metallic tones and are excellent and highly recommended for your brown eyes. Although this shade of shadows are more ideal to use for nights and achieve the attention of your eyes since it will make your brown eyes shine. You can experiment to wear them during the day, the important thing is not to abuse this tone so it won’t overshadow your eyes. So use a minimum amount and it will look perfect. This tone will make your eyes more striking, if you combine it with a brown eyeliner on the water line and a few touches of black in the corners of the mobile eyelid. That is why it is one of the shadow colors that look best on brown eyes.

Copper shadows.

The copper color is ideal to highlight the eye socket. By applying in that area you will give texture and intensity to your look. Combine it with neutral colors.

Shadows Violet color.

These tones are very striking but that is not why you should deprive yourself of using them, you just have to choose the occasion where you will wear it in all its splendor. If you want to give a different contrast to your look, the ideal is violet. Eyeliners in this shade are also super trendy for brown eyes. For the evening, we recommend trying a plum tone combined with a copper-colored eyeshadow. The plum tone will give depth to your look and the copper will give it the necessary light.

Shadows Color green.

Deep, dark greens are also a good option to make up your brown eyes. Green is a very difficult color to use for skin tones, but in its darker shades it creates a beautiful contrast on brown eyes. It is more recommended to use them as a light eyeliner, or rather mixed with brown tones always lighter than the natural tone of your eyes.

Shadows Navy blue color.

Navy blue tones are colors that few women use because they do not know how to combine them, the most recommended is to use them for the office, since it is not a very dramatic color. This tone is also appropriate to make the famous “cat eyes” and will give your eyes a striking contrast. The marine tones, you must choose from the color palette and make sure to go for the darkest shades, which will give you a deep and penetrating look. You can also add a bit of gold shading to the blue for contrast. Put blue shadows on one half of your eyelid and then gold shadows on the other half. Blend the two colors together so they look like they blend together.

Shadows Cobalt color.

On the other hand, cobalt tones create an instant contrast with your brown eyes. It is recommended to use them along the mobile eyelid and combine it with a black eyeliner and some sparkles, there is nothing more to say, take the risk of using bright colors in your eyes. They will be spectacular.

Shadows Color black.

The black color is incredible even as a shade of shadows, although black is a difficult color to use, but those with brown eyes will look truly incredible. You just have to dare to try it. Black will make your eyes look deeper and bigger. You can use the black color if you go out at night, this tone will give an incredible depth and clarity to your eyes.

Shadows Brown color.

Despite being the same shade as your eyes, brown shadows also add depth to your eyes like black. It will also make your look more intense. You can play with different colors or do it with a single tone. These tones will give a more natural touch to your look, you must try them.

Pink shades.

The pink tone is ideal to wear every day and for any occasion. It could be said that it is the most adaptable color to any circumstance. And great for highlighting brown eyes. Since it is a very delicate tone, it gives your brown eyes a more natural and fresh touch, and gives it youth and beauty. You can combine the entire range of roses, starting with a lighter tone as the background and giving it depth with a darker tone. You will look splendid.

Purple shadows.

Purple is another great color to bring out brown eyes. Wear light purple, lilac, and dark purple for the eyes. Layer each shade of purple to highlight the eyes. It is the perfect color to make brown eyes stand out incredibly, it will make them look much lighter and it will give your eyes a honey tone. Start with the darker shade of purple on the lower half of the lid, then use a lighter shade on the upper half. Integrate them to make it look like you have a gradient purple color on your eyelid. Ideal for evening events. In reality, it is worth using the colors that you like the most since there are no trends, you just have to be careful not to abuse the intensity, any of the recommended shades will not look good either if you use them in large quantities. That is why you must try the favorable tones and combining them is the best way to achieve perfect eye makeup. Put them into practice.

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