Shakira met her first boyfriend, Oscar Ulloa, when she was only 17 years old. He was a very charming young man who provided him with all the motivation and inspiration he needed to compose some of his songs such as “Donde estas corazon”, a song in whose video Oscar himself appears. This boyfriend of Shakira supported her throughout the process at the beginning of her career in the show. With the passing of time, the boy also began his life in the professional field, devoting himself completely to the business world. “We finished a day of love and friendship. I think it was the moment when she had to go on alone and I was not mistaken. I get to heaven ”, were the statements that the handsome Colombian said when commenting on why he ended his relationship with the singer.

1. They were the perfect couple for the dance.
They met back in school, when the singer was still a teenager and she was just starting her career as a singer. In an interview, Oscar Ulloa commented that what made him fall in love with the singer the most were her beautiful black eyes. He approached her and told her unashamedly that he loved the look on her face. Little by little they began to fall in love and realize that this was something more than a simple friendship.

2. Oscar Ulloa was the inspiration for the singer’s songs.
According to some comments from the Colombian businessman, this was Shakira’s first love. And she dedicated her songs to him and wrote some of them just for hers. She was so excited that she only had eyes for her boyfriend and she always wanted to feel so happy. Oscar confesses that he still has the letters that the singer wrote him when they were dating.

3. Together they looked incredible.
Without a doubt, Shakira has always been a very beautiful and striking woman, also one of the prettiest students at her school. It is not surprising then that Oscar noticed her from the first moment he saw her. It was love at first sight and he couldn’t take it any longer to meet her and find out if she wanted to be her girlfriend. Luckily for her, Shakira felt the same as him and we were quickly able to observe them as one of the most beautiful boyfriends in Colombia.

4. This is currently Shakira’s first boyfriend.
At first they only saw each other at school, but they quickly began to see each other at the singer’s house. Oscar confesses that she was her perfect girlfriend, but in turn expresses that she was very jealous. Shakira became very romantic and she not only dedicated and wrote songs to her, but she also wrote letters to her in which she swore her eternal love. But as we already know, she did not keep the promise. After finishing school, he moved to the capital, Bogota, so that he could study his career there.

5. Does she consider him her first love?
Oscar followed her in her studies and never wanted to be separated from his love. At that time, Shakira came to release her first two albums: ” Magic ” and ” Danger ”, but unfortunately neither of those two had good reviews. So much so that Oscar himself confessed to Shakira that he didn’t like her first albums and that it wasn’t what the public wanted to hear at that time. But luckily, the singer did not give up and she kept fighting for her dreams.

6. The businessman has rebuilt his life.
Later, Shakira was presented with the opportunity to star in the telenovela ”El Oasis”, but this was also unsuccessful in terms of criticism. Although all this changed when Shakira was part of the contest for the best butt and… she won it! Oscar couldn’t deal with her jealousy and as he later confessed he didn’t like that her girlfriend showed herself practically naked and that the whole country was able to see her. It was something that changed her relationship.

7. This has been Shakira’s love journey.
Then, Oscar made the decision to end the relationship with the singer. He later explained that it was for her own good, so that she could continue with her career. Of course, she didn’t see it that way and for a long time he couldn’t heal her broken heart. But, it was the time when he got to write her best songs, like ”Where are you my heart” and ”Anthology”.

8. The entrepreneur has changed a lot.
All those bitter and somewhat painful experiences gave rise to the singer’s best songs. She began to create songs that the public liked and little by little she opened her way. A few years later, Oscar wanted to meet the singer again, but she was there and she no longer wanted to know more about him. The story between them is over forever and Shakira made it very clear.

9. He was always a heartthrob.
Not long ago, Shakira confessed that all this helped her learn and helped her create her music: “Either in love or out of love. Either very happy or deeply sad. I think I have to move to those extremes to be able to write (…) This happened to me when I was a teenager, it was my escape valve, it was a visit to the psychologist, but for free”. From every relationship she was able to learn something and she had a reason to write about.

10. They made a whole photo book.
She made it clear that it doesn’t take much philosophy or much intelligence to be able to realize that many of her songs tell about her private life and many of her experiences that she has had to go through. She recently writes about her current partner, soccer player Gerard Pique. With this she came to achieve the peace and tranquility that she wanted. The past is behind us and there is no need to go back to those times.

11. Anyone would realize what the singer saw the young Ulloa.

She no longer thinks of Oscar and quickly forgets him. After that relationship, she had several more boyfriends, but it wasn’t until she found Pique that she felt in love and fulfilled. She now has her family and she is the mother of two children and she can focus on her career again. Despite so many years of her career, she continues to be one of her most famous singers and her public adores her.

12. He was dying for her.
Shakira learned that the past must be left behind. She wants to be happy again and no longer thinks about her previous relationships. Ulloa also managed to recover and never looked for Shakira again. He was able to dedicate himself completely to his work and is one of the most important businessmen in Colombia. But his life is very quiet and he has also had several more relationships, after breaking up with the famous. He didn’t want to be with her when he was just starting out, so he doesn’t deserve to be with her once he achieved her success.

13. She is currently with Pique.

Shakira began her relationship with Pique in 2011. Since they met, they knew that their relationship was going to be more than just a love affair. A year of relationship later they reported that they were expecting her first child. Two years later, her other child, Sasha, was born. Although there were some ups and downs that the couple went through in recent months, they are still together and fight for the happiness of their family.

14. Oscar has a good life without the singer.
Both left the past behind and move on with their lives. He uploads a lot of photos on social media of him and it shows that he is over his breakup with the most popular singer on the planet. Life goes on and days cannot be wasted just thinking about something that is already history. Oscar tells us details about his private life, but we can see that much of his time is spent with his dogs. He posts many photos of his pets and you can tell that he is a nature lover

15. Why hasn’t Shakira got married?
Shakira has not stopped creating music and she always tries something new. She shows that she really likes duets and she can be heard with Maluma (”Clandestino”), Carlos Vives (”Bicycle”) and some others. She recently toured the United States and her concerts have always been a great show and an unforgettable experience. Apparently, next to the soccer player she feels good and loved, although there are ten years of difference between the two, but she does not seem to affect him.

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