We know that men are excited more than anything visually, however, what enters their ears is an important element.

Contrary to what we think, they also expect a bit of romance when they are in bed with the woman they love and wants you to tell them; Just as we like to be praised, they also feel the need for their partner to give them some praise not only during sex but also before and after.

If what you want is to drive him crazy not only in bed but to die for you, of all the things you can say to a man to make him yours, you just have to take into account these phrases that we compiled for you and that they will love to listen.

How cute you look today!

Complimenting him when you meet for a date or when you see him putting on his suit to go to work can make him feel more secure, more confident.

You can say it as flattering something in general or maybe something specific like a hairstyle or how a shirt looks on him, his perfume.

This is a good phrase to seduce a man, as it helps maintain that spark of physical attraction.

The man feels that he has not lost that charm that caught you at first. The tip: throw that phrase spontaneously even if they were talking about another topic.

What a good body you have, have you been exercising?

We like that they make us feel beautiful, desired, because the same thing happens with men.

They have as many insecurities as we do in bed, because they also want to like you.

Men, like women, not only work their bodies for their health, but to look good and believe it or not, they are fascinated when you realize that the hours in the gym are paying off and you recognize it, they will feel that their effort It is worth that you like and want it.

Tell me what you like..

With these words you are expressing to your boy your confidence and that you have the predisposition to try new things, and that sex becomes an adventure of new experiences for both of you to enjoy.

You can make this approach during the act or when they are more relaxed after the action, recovering energy for the next round.

Also, if you want to try other things, say so, if you feel it, do not hesitate to express it, from there that can encourage him to tell you, sometimes they expect you to do it first.

You were fantastic this time..

First of all, we clarify that it is not about lying either, simply that you recognize that things have been done well, and that you let them know as a motivation.

A little recognition never hurts the ego.

Sometimes they’re so focused they’re not sure if you’ve climaxed, so if the work they’re doing just moved your world, it doesn’t hurt to give it credit.

Complimenting him by marking that he did a good job encourages communication in and out of bed as it helps to increase his self-esteem and makes him feel sure that you like him.

Touch me right there…

Even though they have been in the relationship for years and know every little detail of the body, sometimes a refresh to the memory is not bad at all, it can even be an interesting condiment that you indicate where to touch you exactly while they are doing it.

For example, if you tell him: “How I like it when you caress me (area of ​​the body)”, you will be able to excite him excessively, he will intensify his caresses where you have expressed that you like him and he will feel happy to please you.

Yes Yes! I’m coming

I think this is one of the phrases they most want to hear while giving you pleasure. Men feel tremendous concern about achieving satisfaction in their partners, they want to become the best lover their girl has ever had, for this reason they are very concerned about their sexual performance and would give anything to please their girl.

Let them know that he is close to reaching the long-awaited orgasm, that he was able to take you to ecstasy and that you let him know will drive him crazy.

extract you

Telling your partner that you miss him will make him feel very flattered because he will love hearing that you want to have him by your side and you can’t stand being without seeing him, that also expresses how much you want him, strengthens the emotional bond and increases his desire sexual and that there is exclusivity on the part of both.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Because not everything is sex, encouraging him to take on new challenges is a phrase that they love.

Your words are very important to him, knowing that you have your trust in his ability, that you have faith in him and that you bet that what he proposes will work out for him is the best thing he can hear.

So when he encounters doubts, problems, indecisions, the encouragement you give him, and the support you show him will make him feel very good. He tries not to skimp when it comes to giving him strength because it is what he is needing.

Hearing words of affection from the loved one is very comforting and expressing the love you feel for him, with words, with actions, with caresses, will make both of you happy.

Therefore, when they are intimate, it is important to express with words what one feels, because it is a reminder of why they were chosen and what keeps them together.

One of the greatest benefits of having a stable relationship is the complicity that has been generated between the two, that gives them the freedom to tell each other whatever comes to mind, from the most tender to the hottest, take advantage of it, have fun and enjoy.

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