Pique is one of the most recognized Barcelona footballers worldwide, as he is highly talented and undeniably attractive. Before his current partner Shakira, he was with different girls, including Nuria Tomas. The soccer player’s relationship with the actress began in 2009 and ended in 2010 when Gerard met the singer. However, Tomas had not talked about the matter, and finally opened up with the magazine “La Vanguardia” about it, and told some details of that difficult period in her life…


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The couple

Pique and Nuria’s love story was short, since when they had been dating for a while, Shakira came into the player’s life. It all started when the Colombian singer was recording the video for “Waka Waka”, Gerard and other players were in the production. The soccer player revealed in an interview that he asked for his number, even though he had a relationship. The interpreter of “Loba” was a partner of Antonio de la Rua at the time, who is the son of the former Argentine president.

there is no grudge

“Pique is a good person, and you have to wish good people the best. The wound has been closed for years and I wish him the greatest happiness”, revealed Nuria. Although times were very difficult for the daughter of the ham tycoon, she assures that she has completely healed and hopes that they are happy. She was also asked about Shakira’s songs and commented that she enjoys them every time they are heard in clubs and she loves dancing to them, so there is no rancor, life goes on for everyone.

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“I have been called many times to ask for interviews and I have always refused to speak. I cannot deny that I have been with a person with a public dimension, but I have never shown my relationship to the world; I would betray myself. I have nothing to say about my private life and if I were not an actress, neither about my profession. The difference with another couple is a last name, the feelings are the same”, said Nuria.

The thought that your partner left you because they met someone else is just heartbreaking. No matter what happened, life goes on and both have shown it. Today Shakira and Pique, according to the media, are having problems in their relationship. Despite this, neither of them has confirmed or denied the allegations of their personal situation. However, a video emerged of the singer and the soccer player giving a passionate kiss outside her mansion and this has left everyone with a big smile of relief, since we would not like them to separate.

Thank God someone caught my stellar basketball moment on film during the shoot of “Me Enamore”! Shak #MeEnamoreVideo

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On the other hand, Nuria Tomas is working on different acting projects, in which she promises to have a great career. She was in a production with Andy Garcia and Sofia Vergara in the movie “Bent”, it was a small role. However, a role with these great artists is a big step in her future as an actress. The tape is still rolling, so we will have to wait to see it. It is likely that she will be seen more often in important Hollywood films. Her success could go far.

Fridays are my Mondays, maybe it’s a kind of superstition but it’s been a while since I usually start resolutions on Fridays, like going to the gym, organizing my house, eating healthy… They are my restart days, and do you know what happens? That when Monday comes I’ve been full for 3 days and Mondays are wonderful. Today is a nice and satisfied Friday. These last 3 weeks have been crazy and I am extremely exhausted, because I am immersed in a wonderful project that I will FINALLY tell you about very soon that takes all my energy, but today is reset day. Dear @jesuscorderophoto I think there is no better image for my feelings today than one of your treasures that had not yet seen the light. ♥️ In this job I met great professionals who I hope to meet again soon. .

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Unconditional support

Shakira is going through one of the worst moments of her career, since as a result of a strange snoring in her voice, she realized that she had strained her vocal cords. Her tour of Europe had to be cancelled, however, she is already recovering and is on complete rest, it is said that she will be better by the beginning of January 2018. Although the singer is in a very difficult situation, the media They have said on different occasions that Pique has not been very supportive of her; since she has been seen in different clubs, enjoying the company of many girls.

“Shakira Finds Liberation, One Song at a Time” (via @nytimes) https://shakir.as/nytimeseng / “Song by song: Shakira’s new songwriting” (via The New York Times) https:// shakir.as/nytimessp ShakHQ

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It is only a matter of waiting for news from both of them, to be sure of what is happening in their relationship. However, let’s hope they stay together for many years, since they have two little ones who need their unconditional love. Although Nuria Tomas finally talked about her ex-boyfriend, she expressed extremely positive things, this gives a great image of the actress and her maturity regarding her situation.


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